Memorial Day – 2015

Our Memorial Day was pretty laid back – which I LOVE. There is nothing better than going with the flow and not having many commitments on the calendar. We had a pretty relaxed weekend, then joined B&B (my aunt & uncle) for their neighborhood parade. We used to live in their neighborhood before kids and the parade is always something we look forward to.

She’s thinking – “y’all want me to watch the parade in the rain?”


Our attempt at a family pic!

AB is looking at PB thinking – please don’t hit me with that flag!


MP & PB patiently waiting!


Group Pic! – B&B, their friends who come over every year because their son is in the parades marching band, Β and then some of our good friends who just moved into the neighborhood

Β IMG_0058

Despite the crazy weather we’ve been having lately, we still had a great time.

Happy Memorial Day 2015!!


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