Memorial Day – 2015

Our Memorial Day was pretty laid back – which I LOVE. There is nothing better than going with the flow and not having many commitments on the calendar. We had a pretty relaxed weekend, then joined B&B (my aunt & uncle) for their neighborhood parade. We used to live in their neighborhood before kids and the parade is always something we look forward to.

She’s thinking – “y’all want me to watch the parade in the rain?”


Our attempt at a family pic!

AB is looking at PB thinking – please don’t hit me with that flag!


MP & PB patiently waiting!


Group Pic! – B&B, their friends who come over every year because their son is in the parades marching band,  and then some of our good friends who just moved into the neighborhood


Despite the crazy weather we’ve been having lately, we still had a great time.

Happy Memorial Day 2015!!

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