Last weekend of May 2015

I LOVE LOVE weekends with not much on the agenda. The kids and I did however load up and head to Rotan for less than 24 hours to help my parents with their church nursery. They took on the job of sprucing it up so we offered to help. Not sure how much help a mom and two babies under the age of two are but we had fun and it’s always fun to be in Rotan even iif it was for less than 24 hours.

NO way I can take them both into a restaurant by myself right now. So – we had a picnic in the car. PB thought it was so awesome – don’t judge, it’s all we could find!


AB snoozing in the nursery while we worked,,,I’m sure the paint fumes were great for her!IMG_0092

Then it was bath time for both in Dee Dee’s new kitchen…naked baby alert


We had a big day on Sunday – UT was in the Regional at Dallas Baptist so MDub & PB went to watch. PB was a sport and lasted the entire game.


While the boys were at the baseball game this little girl and I hit up Ikea….on a Sunday – awful idea!


We needed new frames for these pictures of the kids- don’t I have the best photographer ever?


Sunday night we went to MDubs parents church for their annual “Americana” concert. They always have an ice cream social afterwords and even though it was an hour past bedtime, we went anyway. PB entertained everyone as usual.


I think he was trying to tell us it was time to go home!

We put pajamas on in the back of the car before heading home since it was so late.


And then this was Monday morning NOT wanting to start our busy week.


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