AB is 4 months old

IMG_0543AB turned 4 months old this month and is growing like crazy. She still refuses to sleep thru the night because she likes to eat ever 3-4 hours.


The whole crew went for her checkup – because, it’s literally a circus if I tried to take both kids in by myself. Thank goodness MDub can meet us during the day.

(MDub looks thrilled)

Weight: 14.1lb – 45%

Length: 25 1/4″ – 80%

Head: 16 1/4″ – 70%

I’m guessing she gets her height from her mama!!!!


At least someone was excited after three shots! Not sure why we thought it was a good idea for him to have those.


I hope that PB always loves her as much as he does right now. 99% of the time he is hugging and kissing on AB and loves holding his feet up to hers!


I’m pretty sure they are both saying – “aren’t we done yet mom?”

          At four months old:

  • She just rolled over
  • Wakes up 2-3 times a night
  • Loves smiling at us
  • Cries most evenings around 8:00pm (more like screams)
  • Loves bathtime!

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