AB is 5 months old!

imageI swear time is flying by. Both kids spent the last 10 days in Rotan with donny & deedee. Granted, we were there the first five during the July 4th holiday, but my parents kept both kids for a couple extra days. She turned five months on the 11th so I wasn’t able to take her picture on the actual date. Pretty sure I get worse and worse with each kid and each month that passes. #momfail   I think she gained 5 lbs just while in Rotan, which happens to all of us because of our amazing cook, but I think she looks so big. I mean – those thighs! Poor girl is STILL not sleeping through the night, but she makes up for it during the day. She pretty much needs a nap on cue every two hours. Price was NOT like this at all. We can tell she’s going to be a little dramatic, but then again aren’t all little girls? I’m afraid she’s letting us know from the beginning she’s got her own personality and isn’t afraid to show it! When we leave the room she notices and lets out a big scream. The second she can see us again, she perfectly fine! #highmaintenance

She rolled over for the first time in the middle of month four but now she is full on rolling over. No more leaving her on the bed or couch unattended. We are always excited for the next milestone and can’t wait to see what they can do next, but secretly, part of me wishes she was still a tiny and non-mobile.

These pictures crack me up – of course it takes a good 50 shots to get two that are actually post worthy!imageimage

………..and like every blog mom says – time please slow down!


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