Camp DeeDee 2015 (part 1)

If you know us very well, you know Camp Dee Dee is something we’ve ALL come to look forward to each year. It’s a time my mom and dad take all (most) of the grandkids for four to five days during the summer. Today my mom is sharing her amazing version of grandparent camp.

Hi – I’m Dee Ann, Dayme’s mom, but better known as Dee Dee.

Several of my friends have cousins’ camps. I know you have heard of them. Before I even became a grandmother, I knew that one day I wanted to have a time set aside each summer for cousin camp. It is important to me that all of my grandchildren become friends and have a close relationship. In January of 2012, our third grandchild was born, and we now had cousins!! So, that summer, Camp Dee Dee was established! Each year, I choose a theme, and we usually take a little field trip. Yes, I am a retired Kindergarten teacher!! The themes that we have chosen have been Patriotic, Sea Life, and Dinosaurs.

This year the theme for Camp Dee Dee was Pirates and Yogi Bear. I know that’s quite a combination. We chose to take the kids to Jellystone Park. Jellystone actually has their own theme each weekend. The weekend we went, their theme was Pirates of the Carabearan, so we followed right along with it.

The past camps, I have done lots and lots of planning and preparation ahead of time to find fun activities to keep the kids busy. I want Camp Dee Dee to be very different and more special than just another weekend at Dee Dee’s house. This year, the planning and preparation was done for me – hallelujah! Jellystone has their own schedule of events for the kids that kept us busy all day long. There are train rides, fire truck rides, “hey, hey, hey” rides, two swimming pools, an air zone, laser tag, paintball, an amazing playground, arts and crafts, movie time, and even a small water park across the street from the campground.

When my three kids were growing up, even though they hated it, I tried to coordinate their outfits as much as I could. I now have another opportunity to continue the embarrassment with my grandkids. Since the theme was pirate/Yogi Bear I tried to find as many pirate outfits as I possibly could. One benefit to all this – being able to spot our grandkids amongst all the others.

We had matching Pirate T Shirts to wear during the day, Pirate Pajamas to wear at night (because we all need to be matching while we sleep) and even  matching girl to boy swimsuits to wear to the pool.

I compiled all of my planning and inspiration photos on a Pinterest Board to stay organized.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.38.41 PM

So after months of planning, ordering, more ordering (don’t tell my husband the UPS guy knows me well) and getting organized, the day was almost here. The kids received their treasure map invitation and a list of items to bring….again, did I mention I’m a retired school teacher who LOVES to plan?


We loaded up our RV with all the grandkids and we were finally off… our matching Road Trip shirts of course! #RVlife

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I’ll be sharing all our Pirate crafts and cooking experiences on Wednesday so make sure to come back! Camp Dee Dee is a tradition we look forward to each year and I hope the grandkids will continue to love it as much as I do for many years to come.


7 Comments on “Camp DeeDee 2015 (part 1)

  1. OMG! You have such energy! I told the girls that next year we may have to do “Camp Mamaw/Papaw”, but think we will confine it to our house and the gym. All our years if running camps may come full circle. Your grands are precious!

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