I hope you all read Dayme’s blog on Wednesday and are still VOTING daily for Mila’s adorable nursery on Project Nursery.

Now back to more about Camp Dee Dee that we promised earlier in the week. Being the retired Kinder teacher that I am, we did have cooking experiences and a few crafts to follow along with the pirate theme at the park. I just couldn’t let go completely, and there are so many cute “pirate” ideas on Pinterest.

Some of the meals that we prepared were pirate ships (hot dogs), seaweed & canon balls (spaghetti & meatballs), gold nuggets (chicken nuggets), pirate pancakes, and octopus stew.
For a snack one afternoon, we made Jello Boats.  For some reason, my grandkids don’t like Jello. This snack was so cute, but a total fail!!!


Although, I knew Jellystone had plenty of activities and crafts for the kids, I also planned a few—just couldn’t help myself! And to be honest, we struggled to have time for the crafts I had prepared since the Jellystone activities kept us so busy!!
As we traveled in the RV #rvlife on the way to Jellystone, we made pirate swords from wrapping paper rolls using duct tape. They were fun to make and even more fun to play with in the RV while we traveled. We also made pirate spyglasses using solo cups, toilet paper rolls, and more duct tape. There were several different ways to make the spyglasses on Pinterest.  I just came up with a simple version that was easier and more age appropriate for my grandkids. Ours were a little more like these.

The kids also made these cute pirate books!  They have to have a record of their fun at Camp Dee Dee!!! We added a couple of pages to the books using handprint art; a handprint pirate ship and a handprint pirate .


The very last day of Camp Dee Dee was a trip across the street from Jellystone to Pirate’s Cove Fun Zone Water Park!  That was so much fun that it needs it’s own post!!! I will tell you all about it next week.
Grandparents out there, if you do any kind of special grandparent/cousin time with your little kiddos, please, let me know. We always love to have new ideas and have already started planning for next year!

I’m tired just reading what all they did during the week – Thank you Donny & Dee Dee for taking our kids and making such fun memories with them!



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