Wrapping up Camp Dee Dee 2015

Today is the FINAL day of Camp Dee Dee. I wanted my mom to share it on the blog so that our kids can look back and remember what fun they had with their grandparents, but also to share fun ideas with other “grandparent” camps out there. It makes me laugh because In today’s social media world that we live in….everything has a fun name and a week with the grandparents is none the less.

So back to Dee Dee!

I am back again on Dayme’s blog to share with you more details about Camp Dee Dee.
The last day, we spent at Pirates Cove Water Park right across the street from Jellystone Campground. It was absolutely perfect for our kids. Did I mention, the ages of our grandkids are 7,4,3, and 20 months.
Just a side note – we have a total of 6 grandchildren (and the 7th on the way in December—YAY!!), but I had to make a rule that you must be walking before you can attend Camp Dee Dee. The younger 2 had to stay home this year. Another side note is that I do not do all of this by myself. We really should rename it Camp DDD. I could never keep up with 4 young children without my husband, Donny (yes, that is his name, and yes, that is what the grandkids call him). He is a HUGE help!!!
Now, back to the water park. The kids absolutely LOVED IT!! The slides and pools were just the right size for our 7,4, and 3 year olds. We even turned them loose to play by themselves. Really! Even the 3 and 4 year olds!!! It was kid friendly and there was a lifeguard every 3 feet! And it is small enough that even though the younger two kids were playing by themselves, they were always in our sight! And remember their swimsuits matched, so they were easier to spot, too!!!
I cannot say enough good about Pirate’s Cove Fun Zone! They have a nice concessions area where we ate lunch, then right back to playing in the water. It is absolutely perfect for younger kids.

Dayme kept texting during the weekend asking if I was exhausted! Absolutely not!! The kids stayed so busy that they actually rested or napped each afternoon. Then bedtime was early and easy after a full day or swimming, playing, and other activities!

Dayme and AB came to pick up Price from the waterpark and then the rest of us loaded up and headed home. I couldn’t end the week without a fun little “camp DeeDee certificate.” The kids loved it and were even more excited to take their pictures with them.


We will be adding two more grandchildren next summer, so we may have to be creative with what we choose to do. Six “walking” grandkids ages 8 years and under—-YIKES! If you have any ideas for us, please, comment to let us know!! One thing is for sure. Camp Dee Dee will be FUN!!!


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