Annual Lake LBJ Trip

This time last week we were all waking up on the Colorado River with kids begging to get in the water and saying NO to Capri Suns and string cheese at 8am. Every year we head to Lake LBJ for several days with my mom’s side of the family. It’s a tradition that began back before any of us grandkids were even a thought and now it’s our Weathersbee Christmas in July. Today……we’re waking up to reality!

We are a lake family…..skiing lake family I might add. It is something in Texas you see less and less of these days. Gone are the days of lakes you could ski up and down all afternoon because you were the only one out there.  Slalom is a thing of the past and it’s sad. I remember being a little girl watching my aunt and uncle slalom behind the boat at the same time. My aunt would ski up next to my uncle, kick off her ski and crawl up on his shoulders and continue the run. It was amazing. For my granddad’s 65th birthday, the grandkids skied behind the boat with him. Now – it’s all wave runners hacking with your calm water and giant boats with surfers on the back. Can I tell you my opinion on how “lake surfing” became so popular? Too many boats on the lake……crazy boats I might add, so there’s less room to ski. Also – skiing is a hard sport to learn and who has time or the patience to learn when there’s riding the waves behind the boat to be had!


Don’t get me wrong – we’ve done our fair share of surfing in the last couple of years……we’ve had to – you crazies are wrecking with our smooth water. We’ve learned that the best skiing is first thing in the morning. We get up as the sun is coming up to be the first on the smooth glass.

Due to being preggo the last TWO summers – I’m proud to say I’ve still got it. Not as good as I once was…….and I will never be as good as my brothers or uncles. We skied, ate a TON, and played in the pool for 4 solid days. Always so fun to be there with family and this year – missing my sweet grandmother……the lake was her happy place.


tree swingskiinge


Here’s our entire group – minus my hardworking brother who was stuck at home farming.

Why can you never get a good group shot? Once again, my kids are not looking. Hayes A Mac is wondering why AB is screaming her head off….don’t worry Hayes, we haven’t figured it out either. PB is looking at Jake & Coop wishing he was as cool and LayLay is just sitting pretty! Those 3 Weathersbee siblings on the left look like they’ve posed for a picture or two!!

Messages Image(1763811807)

Until next year LBJ…….

As I was digging through photos….I came across this one. This sweet, sweet friend passed away yesterday. The fun times we had at the lake will always be some of my favorite with her. Love you, Lacy!girls


2 Comments on “Annual Lake LBJ Trip

  1. Always enjoy our time at the lake!! I can’t believe you had the picture of all of the grandkids skiing with Granddad!! What a special memory!!
    Prayers for comfort for all of Lacy’s friends and family!


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