Bag Lady!

Am I the only one out there that carries more than one bag for my kids? The other day I looked in my front seat and I had 5 bags including my purse just for the day.

My purse does not count, it sits in my front seat at all times – I hardly ever take it in the house so that I have one less bag to carry in and out…don’t worry, I park in the garage! Each kid as their own Jon Hart Shag bag complete with diapers, wipes, sippys/bottles and one toy each. These are the perfect size for one kid and clean up great! We use these for church nursery drop off or any time I’m leaving the kids in separate places. I then have my big diaper bag from Pottery Barn Kids that I absolutely love. I got it when PB was born and it’s worked great thru both kids. It can hold diapers and wipes for each along with a days worth of bottles and formula for AB and then snacks and sippys for PB. I can even squeeze in an extra set of clothes for both AB & PB as well.

This summer PB took ISR swimming lessons every single day,,,,thats right – 5 days a week for close to 8 weeks. We had to take two swim diapers and two towels each day, so I feel like our swim bag was attached to my hip all summer.

In our current house, this is where we drop everything when we walk in the back door. I’m able to hang up each bag and it’s ready for us the next time we need it.


Now that lessons are over we are down a bag – but I was starting to feel like an old bag lady! I would love to hear from other moms, do you carry this many bags with you on a daily basis? Are you constantly packing and unpacking bags? Is there another diaper bag out there I you are in love with?


3 Comments on “Bag Lady!

  1. The Jon Hart Shag bags are the best!!! And, they will grow with your kids…….carry video games in the car, carry snacks on a field trip at school…..the perfect size!!


  2. We carry two bags — one for each. A Vera Bradley tote works well for Avery and a ladybug backpack for Madi.

    Love your blog! And congrats on winning best nursery! Hope my votes helped ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I have a billion bags but I feel like none of them are “the one” to use with her. This is actually a very current dilemma. Help.Me!!!


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