Enjoy the Little Things

After this weekend more than ever, I need to step back and remember to enjoy the little things. A couple of weeks ago my mom was in town and updated my chalk board wall. I have a snack bar area in our house with a big chalk board wall above (biggest waste of space ever, but it sure is cute!)

I have the worst – absolute worst handwriting ever so it’s only switched out when my mom comes to town. She usually writes something for an upcoming holiday or season, but knowing she wouldn’t be back for a while, she came up with something that wouldn’t need switching out in two weeks. I also think she’s trying to tell me something since right now our season of life is no walk in the park.

IMG_1776 (1)

So, a little picture overload from our boring everyday life that I need to remember….stop and enjoy the little things!


I hope she always wants to match with me!


Big hair bow- don’t care!


I pray they will love each other like this forever!


I posted this picture on Instagram and I still laugh every time I look at it. My little city farmer!


This is how every picture looks…… in our Road Trip shirt. Why is it so difficult to sit still for .5 seconds and take a picture? #annabellneverlooks


Leaving church after dropping off our MDO registration form. We love our new Orbit SideKick!


I mean…those lips!

Happy Tuesday – It’s the little things that make life Big!


2 Comments on “Enjoy the Little Things

  1. Little moments = Big memories!! Great post and reminder to us all!! Thanks!! 💙💗


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