AB at 6 months – 8/11/15

Six Months – six whole months with this sweet girl who is always laughing….unless it’s 8pm and she’s not in bed yet. How in the world have you already been here almost half a year? She has taught us so much…mainly that we don’t need much sleep.

IMG_1890 IMG_1886 IMG_1893

We went to the doctor on Friday and she’s right down the middle in all three measurements.

Length – 26.5 (75%)

Weight – 16.5 (55%)

Head – 17″ (75%)

Why do they measure your head? I’m sure there’s some medical reason but really, do we need to know how massive of a head the kid has??

Her brother is still so in love with her, however he just shows it in a different way than most. He loves to whack her over the head with trains, thinks it’s hilarious when a ball somehow hits her face and he dies laughing when she mysteriously tips over onto her head.

Speaking of tipping over, this last month she mastered sitting up all on her own. She is not a fan of laying down, she needs to be sitting up so that she doesn’t miss out on anything. She has extreme FOMO (fear of missing out).

Hallelujah – her two bottom teeth broke thru! She chews on everything in sight and the harder the toy the better

With her, I’m less eager to make it to the next steps. With PB we tried cereal, veggies, fruit all in one week I think. Now with this one, and less time on my hands, we did cereal for an entire month. Ok, who am I kidding – only when MDub was home because he’s better at remembering than me. #momoftheyear

Just this last week she ate peas and really liked them. If you know us at all, you know I’m a really picky eater and MDub will try anything. This makes it hard for meal planning and I’m trying NOT to pass on my awful traits to my kids. Lets pray AB likes more than just peas!

Sleeping – I know I know, the problem is me. I’m just a weak person when it comes to my babies and sleep. Yes, I complain that they don’t sleep, yes I’m exhausted from getting out of bed 3-4 times a night, yes I have double the wrinkles on my face than I did two years ago. But to be honest, they are only little for a short time and cuddling with them and feeding them in the middle of the night will only last a short time in the grand scheme of things.

My friends swear by the sleep books and keep telling me I need to read them. Truth is, I HATE to read and I would much rather be checking IG or working than take time to read a book. I tried to bribe MDub and my mom both to read the books and just give me the cliff notes, but neither complied.

 PB is a great decent sleeper, sleeping 10-11 hours a night and I know that with time so will AB. So for now, I will just continue to drink massive amounts of caffeine and complain a little here and there until that time comes.

This is our circus at her 6 month appt. I’m pretty sure that nurse was ready to see us leave. IMG_1850-1 IMG_1854-1IMG_1864 I hope they are always partners in crime – they have so many similarities already and this picture proves it.



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