Thompson’s Star Nursery – Jenny from Uptown Country

Jenny and I have been friends ever since she and her husband Loren started dating. She is beyond amazing and when she asked me to help out with her wedding a couple of years ago, I could not have been more thrilled. Four years later and now we are decorating nurseries and not weddings. Today she’s sharing her son Thompson’s nursery with us. Y’all – it is adorable. Straight out of Uptown Country amazing!

It was a difficult task for me to not decorate with pink when I found out my bundle of joy would be coming home from the hospital wearing blue, but now I am a boy mom with a boy nursery and could not be happier!

Thompson’s nursery was a pink guest room, so I cleared it out and started with a blank slate and no clue what I was going to do. I started out searching for a fabric for inspiration and always knew I would do some sort of star motif. We have a star obsession in our house (even a star tattoo from those college days – don’t tell Thompson it’s not a temporary one!) When my husband and I were first dating every time we got off the phone at night he would say “good night moon”, and I would say “good night stars”. Now we were having a baby we could actually read that book so it just felt like something I had to do. So with stars in my head and search of fabric inspiration I headed to Joann’s. I always go there first for fabric instead of the expensive, designer fabric stores to see if I can find something fabulous and use a coupon. (If you don’t have the Joann’s app- get now for a coupon every time you check out!) What I found was the HGTV “Flower Tower” fabric and that was how it all started. It has kelly green, lime green, yellow, browns and turquoise in it. If it wash’t going to be pink, it better be turquoise. So that is how it started. With a 40% off, upholstery-weight, colorful and unexpected fabric from Joann’s.

I used that fabric on his cornices that I made and some pillows for his daybed. Then I added the stars! I started collecting and hung as many as I could find that were cute all over in a cluster.

The next project was furniture. I like to use furniture in unexpected ways so this is why we have a china cabinet full of stuffed animals instead of china. I painted it with my new favorite paint, the Behr Marquee from Home Depot. It goes on sooooo well. I don’t remember the exact color but it’s whichever Marquee was the “Kelly-est”of greens I could find.

Then, I purged my business for whatever merchandise we had that I could “steal” for Thompson’s room. Sourced from yours truly at Uptown Country was first his yellow upholstered headboard. I couldn’t find a daybed I liked. The only purpose for my daybed (which my husband will never understand) was a place to put pillows. Needed lots of pillows of course because you can never have too many pillows, and how else was I going to tie in the Flower Tower fabric besides the cornices, right? So, the daybed was created by taking a king headboard, attaching it to the wall, and turning a twin mattress sideways. Duh. Who knew the length of a twin was the same as a king headboard? Expensive daybed schmaybed.

Ok, back to more stealing things from Uptown Country. I took the china cabinet, all the stars we had in stock, a vintage scale, a Dash and Albert rug, a magazine basket for books, a green bamboo lamp, a floor lamp – and then went out junking for more treasures. I had to use more of that darn Flower Tower fabric so I did a lampshade in it. Then I thought his room wasn’t babyish enough so I got the cheesiest monkey fabric I could find for the other lampshade.

One of my favorite things in the room is the shabby old wood alphabet letters. I found them all at a flea market and glued them on a board I painted in his Marquee green. Cheap, old, green, and good for learning, right?

His curtains (white linen from Ikea!) were already in there from the guest room so I just trimmed them with some green pom pom fringe. I would put pom pom fringe on every edge of everything in my house if my husband would let me. I love that stuff.

Thompson loooooves his room. It’s bright and colorful and has lots of stuff to learn from and see. We try to “play” in the playroom and keep the nursery for reading and rocking and sleeping, but I think he is a pretty playful kid so even if we are having quiet time in there, or he is napping alone, he is a happy camper with his stars and bright colors.

IMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7149 IMG_7152 IMG_7153 IMG_7155 IMG_7530 IMG_7534 IMG_7536 IMG_7537 IMG_7540 IMG_7544 IMG_7546 IMG_7550

Thank you Jenny for sharing today – Thompson is so lucky to have such an awesome nursery and I can’t wait to see what you do with his room over the years!


 Crib //  Changing table //  Stars
Rug // End Table & Light Fixture //  China Cabinet & Lamps
Fabric // Pillows // Bedding // Curtains // Pouf // Mobile
Rocker: gift from my mom

All photos by Esther Ayers


5 Comments on “Thompson’s Star Nursery – Jenny from Uptown Country

  1. The nursery is precious! So bright and cheery! Any child would love to have a room like this!!!


  2. Love love love! I had a hard time picking my favorite thing, but I think it just might be the collage of stars – swoon!!


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