Cousin Time

This summer we’ve celebrated lots of birthday’s but two important ones I need to document.

Back in July we packed up and headed west for Hayes a Mac turning ONE. I hope he will always let me call him that!  Taylor had the cutest little setup for his “Pow Wow” complete with a S’mores Bar – ever heard of a Grasshopper S’more?? D-lish

Side note – the party was at my parents house because my brother and sister in law are building the most amazing house ever. Maybe this time next year I can post pictures of it!



We ate hamburgers, played in the water, made s’mores on the fire pit and tried to get a picture of all 6 cousins – #impossible. Out of no where, Price broke out into complete entertaining mode and tried to make everyone laugh. Out of 22 pictures on my camera, not a single perfect one. #oneday   I think I’m going to be paying for his daddy’s raising.





This past weekend the kids and I loaded up and made the 5.5 hour drive to Silverton for Coop’s 8th birthday. Proud to say I think we’ve only missed one party in 8 years. MDub had to stay back and work and let me tell you – a 5.5 hour road trip without stopping to go to the bathroom is no bueno. Yes I could have stopped, but the thought of getting both kids out of the car and taking them into a public restroom stall with me was enough for me to just keep on driving!

Eight year old birthday parties are a little simpler than the elaborate 1st birthday bash. Coopers request was steak and potatoes – YUM. In eight awesome years of celebrating this kid, I don’t think there has been a single normal birthday cake. He’s not a fan – so instead we had Oreo Deliciousness!

Of course I didn’t get any fun pics of the party, but I did get pics of cousin bath time and singing to the birthday boy on Sunday morning – his actual bday. He told us all before we came he wanted everyone to go to church on Sunday morning with them. When you think of small town church, think even smaller. The preacher announced it was his birthday and the entire congregation sang happy birthday to him. Small towns are the BEST. IMG_2416IMG_2004


Afterwards we tried to get another cousin pic on the old steps leading up to the church. Cooper was too cool for the littles and it was windy and cold so this was the best we could get. Wonder what PB thinks he’s reading? #cousinpicturefail

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.35.49 PM
IMG_2022-1One last shot of the birthday boy! After lunch I loaded both kids up and headed out. They both played so hard all weekend that they fell asleep before I even got to the highway and pretty much slept the entire way home.

We love spending time with our cousins and we look forward to many more birthdays together!

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3 Comments on “Cousin Time

  1. Fun pictures! And a fun weekend! I’m so glad you were there to celebrate with the family!! 💙❤️💗💚💛💜


  2. Love this party. All of the details are so cute and well thought out. I’d expect nothing less from one of your family members! 🙂 Time to start helping me think of ideas for MP’s first bday.


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