Favorite Summer Moments

Favorite Things

Today I’m doing something a little new and linking up with Erika and Andrea. It’s my first time to participate in a link up party even though I’ve always wanted to. This month  it’s “Favorite Summer Moment” and I have to say hanging with these three was my absolute favorite of the summer. We had lots of fun moments – nothing fancy, nothing crazy, nothing out of the ordinary, but just fun everyday moments.

We started off the summer with our annual Padre “Family” Trip. Lots of favorite moments on this trip including a complete blow out by AB before we even left Dallas.


In May we celebrated Memorial Day with our favorite Spring Creek Parade – something we’ve now done for the last four years!


I tell MDub this all the time, but one of my favorite things is to hang out on the weekends without a single plan. We only had a couple of those weekends this summer but when we did, we enjoyed eating and watching TV on the patio. I’m looking forward to spending more time out there this fall once it cools down. It will be nice to actually watch TV without sweating!

MDub & PB both zoned in on the TV – a trait I’m not too particularly fond of!


For the first time as a family of four, we went to the lake. I’m not complaining, but my kids fall asleep the second they are in a car, boat, or plane. Another favorite moment(s) was being able to dress both kids in coordinating swimsuits. They don’t match all the time, but I try to coordinate their outfits as much as I can. I know they will only let me do this for a short time so I’m taking advantage while I can! Both are sold out, but they are from Gap.IMG_0564

On July 26th, MDub and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. A lot has happened in seven years.

  • SEVEN years
  • SIX ut wins over tech (we will never forget ’08)
  • moved FIVE times
  • FOUR cars
  • lost THREE grandparents
  • TWO kids
  • and now we are ONE crazy, happy, hectic, loving family


…….and these are a few of my Favorite Summer Moments. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, nothing out of the ordinary, but just fun everyday moments.

Bring on fall – we’re ready for cooler weather, football, pumpkins and Mother’s Day Out!!!!!!


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