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PB’s Giraffe Nursery

This blog didn’t exist when we moved into this house, or when I completed PB’s nursery. I need to document it and to also show you I do know how to create more than just girly spaces!

Before we were even married, I knew one day I would be incorporating a giraffe into our future child’s nursery. Long story, but MDub had a giraffe when he was little named Raffee that he carried everywhere. He’s missing an eye, you can barely see his spots and a leg or two may have had to be sewn back on a couple of times. We may or may not still have Raffee in the top of our closet. Once we knew we were having a boy, I searched and searched for the right giraffe piece and of course found it at my favorite place to buy art! It was the starting point for the entire room.

I then moved on to wallpaper because duh – it’s the most amazing thing right now, and I hope it stays that way for a long long time. When we decide to sell this house I’m afraid future buyers are going to call it “the wallpaper house.” If I could put it on every ceiling I would, but that might be a little weird. I also have a favorite paint color that pretty much sums up my life – Restoration Hardware Pale Silver. The wallpaper is almost the exact color of Pale Silver so it spoke to me.

The changing table was a craigslist find that I had painted Pale Silver to match.

Every nursery needs the baby’s name or initials, or it’s just not complete. Finding a unique and different way to display that is the kicker. These initials are gigantic and hopefully can transition from nursery to big boy room in the future.

His bedding – oh his bedding. I may not ever be able to get rid of it because I think it’s the last thing my amazing grandmother made for me. If you didn’t know my grandmother – she was ahh-mazing and could sew anything and everything. When I picked out the fabric and told her it was giant gold polka dots, I’m pretty sure she was shaking her head. However, in true grandmother fashion, she went along with it, but tweaked it to her own liking just a tad 🙂

The silk curtains are from another project that I didn’t use, so I added a trim that resembles a giraffe’s mane – is that a thing or did I just make that up? I had the glider reupholstered in a coordinating fabric with a small giraffe print down the middle.

The wall of shelf goodies might be my favorite part. When we moved into this house it had an old 80’s style wet bar complete with lucite shelves – jackpot! I repurposed them in the nursery and then added the sentimental knick knacks.

His crib just says “all boy” to me. I am lucky enough to have an amazing design twin that is just about 5 steps ahead of me in life. Therefore, she was taking her crib down just as I needed it.

I may not do a ton of them, but I really do enjoy a sweet little boy’s nursery every now and then!

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As always – photographs were taken by the amazing Paige Walker Photography

5 thoughts on “PB’s Giraffe Nursery”

  1. I love PB’s nursery! You did a great job creating a boy space that still says sweet little baby! I don’t want him to ever grow out of this room!!!

  2. I LOVE this nursery and totally agree about having your baby’s initials/name in the room. So glad you were able to bring those elements into our son’s nursery. I really like that the books are accessible to him.

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