Five on Friday

Today I’m linking up with April over at A. Liz Adventures for the ever awesome Five on Friday. I’ve been an off and on reader for quite some time I’m finally joining in with the FIVE things on my mind this week. 

5 on friday

  1. With both my kids being so close in age, #16monthsapart to say things are a little hectic and often times stressful is an understatement. AB is not a fan of being left in a room alone, and PB loves her SO much he squeezes and pinches about every two minutes. Lots of crying going on around here! This week though, I was working as they were playing in the playroom, and for the first time ever, we had a good 20 minutes without a single cry. Big moments y’all!


2.        Last weekend while MDub was on his lavish Fantasy Football trip with 18 other dudes, the kids and I went mattress shopping with my aunt and uncle. Sounds like a wild and crazy night, right? Well, they wanted to check out the new Nebraska Furniture Mart so we made the trek at 5:00 pm on a Friday afternoon up the tollway with two screaming kids in the back seat. Just kidding, they only screamed the last 10 minutes because they had HAD it.  Once inside, I was shocked at how great the baby section is there. I’m always on the lookout for new furniture products to recommend clients and I just found several new cribs and gliders for ahhh-mazing, not so Potterybarn prices! They do have a lot of inventory online, but I did see a great Jenny Lind knockoff in a fab Robin’s egg blue color that was no where to be found on their website. 


3.        Speaking of lavish Fantasy Football – ladies, am I the only one out there who can’t stand this time of year? Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited this weekend marks the beginning of college football and I can’t wait to cheer on my Red Raiders, but this fantasy stuff has gotten a little out of hand. Last year, Mdub was in no less than four leagues – FOUR leagues. That’s three nights of “drafting” and one over the top lavish vacation for him and his 18 closest buds. I’m not talking a weekend on Lake Travis, I’m talking Punta Mita, Mexico and this year, Beaver Creek, Colorado. That’s just to kick the season off, then it’s every Wednesday night making sure all his players are ready to go, then Thursday thru Sunday of constant phone checking and yelling at the TV for the next six months. This is Mdub trying to draft on Monday night during dinner. Hurry up Superbowl!


4.       The cutest baby bottom ever!  Paige sent me this preview from AB’s 6 month photo shoot the other night. I’m dying to see the rest and I’ll post them as soon as I get them. We love a good monogram over here!

DSC_7818 copy

5.           If you missed my post on PB’s nursery this week – check it out.

DSC_9700 copy

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend with friends and family. The kids and I are headed to the lake and Mdub is headed to South Bend, Indiana for the Longhorn game. 


8 Comments on “Five on Friday

  1. I agree with Jeni! This time of year is brutal with FF! We should plan a FF wives trip just as lavish as the boys. Did you hear about their spa time?! Meanwhile we are taking our baby’s to mattress land and counting down the minutes til bedtime! AB is adorable as always, I love her face when Mdub is checking his ipad for his FF pick, she totally gets it and wants in on the girls weekend 🙂


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