AB’s 6 month Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, we visited one of my ever talented, best friends, Paige. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, then you know we do a LOT of things together. I decorate her house, and she takes amazing photos of my children!

These are some of my favorite shots she got of AB. I mean, I can hardly stand it!  Paige captures everything at just the right moment. This is probably the last time we can get away with half naked baby photos, and it still be cute, so we took full advantage.  DSC_7812 copy DSC_7785 copyDSC_7695 copyDSC_7593 copy DSC_7657 copy DSC_7617 copy

I mean – her hand on her chin is cracking me up.

DSC_7642 copyDSC_7818 copy

The rolls, monogrammed booty, and her name-date shoes are too much. I wish she could wear those shoes for the next five years.

Of course, since I had both kids with me, Paige snapped a few of PB & AB together. I’m pretty sure they are praying in that last pic. #Iwish
DSC_7562 copy

DSC_7552 copy

……..and then we finished it off with a couple of PB alone. Where did that smile come from? I’m pretty sure that’s his “I’m over this” smile.

DSC_7486 copy DSC_7492 copy DSC_7495 copy

As always, PWP did an amazing job. If you are needing a family photographer or especially someone to take your newborn photos, she is the absolute best in the entire DFW. We love us some Paige!


7 Comments on “AB’s 6 month Photo Shoot

  1. I mean I cannot stop looking at these pictures! Great job once again, Paige! These are the cutest little kiddos ever!!!! 💙💗


  2. Paige is the best, I love her work! I also love how you incorporated her pictures into our nursery. Great collaboration – Paige was able to use our nursery colors to make the perfect newborn photoshoot.


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  4. These are fabulous photos! And, the most A D O R A B L E kids!!! Soooo stinkin’ cute! The photos with both of them are flawless and so sweet!

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