5 on Friday

5 on friday

Because I had so much fun last week, I’m linking up again for 5 on Friday. Even though it was a four day week, hallelujah, it’s the weekend! We’ve been crazy busy and on the go, so it will be nice to have a relaxing weekend with very few plans.

ONE –  This week was back to Mother’s Day Out for PB. As you can tell, he was super excited. He woke up an hour earlier than normal, so by the time we took pictures, he wasn’t having it. The second we got in the car, he fell asleep for the whole 16 minute drive to school. All he needed was a little cat nap, and then he was ready to play! I’m so glad “school” has started again, so we can have some sort of routine around here.


TWO – We had our very first play group this week with some of our very best friends. I know, I know, we are kind of late to the  playgroup game, but us mama friends are B-U-S-Y. Every single one of us works or is going back to school, so finding time to meet up is very difficult. We let the kids run through the fountains and then tried to get a group pic. Trying to get a pic of six kids, all three and under, is nearly impossible. By this time PB had played so hard, he was exhausted and not excited about the pics…sensing a theme this week? My friend Jenny took this picture of us leaving.  We love to wave!



THREE – Gingham and Buffalo Check are so popular right now. Kids’ rooms, kitchens, living rooms, it works for it all, and I want to use it in every project I work on. I ordered this adorable pillow this week for a little girl’s bedroom I’m working on. Isn’t it just the cutest thing? Think MDub would allow it on our bed?


FOUR– If you missed my post on AB’s 6 month photo shoot, you should definitely go back and look. I just can’t get over how good they are, and how amazing my friend PAIGE is. Now the hard part of deciding which ones to order! #firstworldproblems Speaking of her 6 month photo shoot, how in the world is she 7 months old today? I swear birth to 6 months was a little slow and kinda hard, not kinda – really hard. But now that we are on the down side of a year, it’s going way too fast, and we are FINALLY in our groove.

DSC_7617 copy

FIVE – Can you believe it’s been 14 years since 9-11? How is that even possible? Of course, we all know exactly where we were when we heard the news and will never forget that horrible, awful time. I was a sophomore sitting in the floor of my college apartment not really understanding. Now, it blows my mind that our college sophomore babysitter was only five years old and will never really grasp what happened.  As we get further and further away, may we never forget!


Happy weekend y’all !


7 Comments on “5 on Friday

  1. It looks like you had a great week!! PB looks so cute riding his little skateboard & waving!! That pillow!!!! Does it come in navy? Do I need it in my living room? As for 9-11, I’m not sure any of us really understood what was going on or the impact it would have on our country! May we always remember. Great post today!!!


  2. We have sweet, baby girls (almost) the same age and I can tell we have similar ideas about headbands/bows. Where do you like to buy yours from?


    • Katie-Sydnie is adorable!! Right when she was born I bought one of every color off etsy that you can clip onto the headband. We’ve probably been through 10 white headbands in 7 months just because they get so dirty. There’s a store here that sells them, so I swear they know me by name, and all I ever buy is $2 headbands!!!


  3. Yay for MDO returning!! My son went back this week too and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s been so nice having some routine back again. Your kids are too adorable. Love the 6 month photoshoot. They came out awesome!!


  4. My son went to MDO last year and loved it. We just moved and couldn’t find one down here quickly enough so he’s sitting this year out. We’re BOTH missing it! 😉


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