Manic Monday….Is it the weekend yet?

Whew – I need another weekend from the weekend. Is it sad that I’m already counting down to Friday? We had a jam packed, crazy, fun weekend that was filled with Garth and lots of football. This sign pretty much sums up what I’m thinking!


It all started Thursday with the opening night of #GarthinDallas. Y’all – it was ahhh-mazing –  the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I left there wanting to attend another show during the weekend. It’s not like we had a free night, but I was willing to make it happen. So, if anyone out there has tickets for Tuesday night, pick me, pick me!

I remember being in the fourth grade and having the phone ready the second tickets went on sale for his concert in Abilene. Of course I didn’t get them, and I thought the world was ending. Well, this totally made up for it, and I probably enjoyed it more Thursday night than I would have in the fourth grade.

IMG_2814 (1)

On Saturday we loaded up and headed to Fayetteville for the Tech vs. Arkansas game. AHHH-mazing, best game I’ve been to in a long time. It was well worth the drive to and from…..all in one day! I was in charge of the pre game, so I made MDub skip the Texas vs. Cal game and drive with me to Arkansas. Neither one of us had ever been to Fayetteville. It reminded us a lot of an Austin-Lubbock combo; small like Lubbock but tons of hills and trees like Austin. In case you aren’t a Red Raider, we won, and it was glorious. We ran into Allison and Justin after the game, you know, my friend that came up with Window to the Wall Wednesday!

IMG_2898 IMG_2904

While MDub and I were away, DeeDee was keeping PB and AB. Future Red Raiders?? ( MDub will not enjoy me saying that.)


After the game, we drove ALL THE WAY back to Dallas because MDub had a 6am flight to catch to Philly. We pulled into our driveway at 4am, MDub took a shower, and then drove himself to DFW. Don’t feel too bad for him! He went to Philadelphia for the Cowboy game. The rest of the weekend was spent on the couch and in the floor playing with the kids. I felt like I had been  run over by a truck I was so tired. We played in the yard, played some basketball, and then I made sure we were all in bed by 8:04 PM. 

IMG_2927 IMG_2969 FullSizeRender-2

Exhausting, but such a fun weekend!


5 Comments on “Manic Monday….Is it the weekend yet?

  1. I totally agree about Garth – so amazing!! I’m sad I didn’t get to see you while we were in town – hopefully next time. Oh, and GO TECH!! What an awesome game! 🙂


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