Weekend Wrap Up – Ranch Style

Our weekends just don’t seem to be the time to rest lately, and as I was looking at the calendar today, I don’t think we will have a free weekend until the first of November. On the signature of my boss’ email it says something about life should not be a journey to the grave, arriving safely in a well preserved body, but to skid in sideways proclaiming, wow, what a ride. I kinda feel like that will totally be us!

We had a great “lazy” weekend with our friends at their ranch in Brady. We played outside, rode horses, watched tons of football, and ate some amazing food. I’m apologizing right now for picture overload! 

We got there just in time for the guys to hunt. The kids were a little sad they couldn’t tag along. 



It makes me laugh to think our “city friends” are the first ones to introduce PB to horses. I’m sad that I wasn’t on top of my game, because poor PB had to ride horses in converse – poor city kid! He absolutely loved it and was in complete awe!  We might have to ask donny & deedee for a horse for Christmas!  PSA – the second we put a camera in his face, he gets this somber look as if he’s not having any fun.IMG_3557
IMG_3572 IMG_3596 IMG_3613 IMG_3640

The sweet girls had to just watch from the back of the pickup!


They had to get one last look at the horses before we left. PB, like any little boy, loves being outside, and it makes me really happy that he enjoys everything “Rotan.” 

Thank you AB for smiling – earth to PB….and um, where is your shoe?IMG_3857

These two girls right here are the absolute sweetest. Always smiling and happy even when their mommas forget to feed them lunch, whoops. IMG_3820………and then there’s these two. I think they got along for a whole 20 minutes this weekend. Someone always had the better toy or the better gatorade bottle. Serious problems!! I have no doubt their daddies were exactly like this with each other 33 years ago as well. These pictures crack me up, because this was our entire weekend. IMG_3920IMG_4004IMG_4152IMG_4154

Sunday, we loaded up and headed home just in time for our other BFF, Hyde’s, birthday party. The party was a huge hit…especially the cupcakes! I think PB has seen a few too many PawPatrols. 


The best we could get. Someone should really be taking a picture of the crazy people behind the camera. The sounds, goofy words and the crazy hand motions that go on just to get an OK picture is ridiculous. One day, our sweet children will pose the exact way we want them to! I’m sure of it!
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.05.51 PM

Great Party, Hills Family! We had so much fun that both kids were sound asleep by 7:45 – that’s big time at our house!

It was nice to get away and take PB and AB to the ranch. It will be even nicer when the boys are old enough to hunt with their dads instead of being stuck inside with all the girls. 

and seriously………..



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