5 on Friday – Friday Favorites

Well, well, here we are again, another edition of Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. The kids are in Rotan, I’m in Lubbock for work, and MDub has the house all to himself.
Just a little peek into what seemed like a very short week for us. 


This little girl and I made a quick trip to Home Depot one night this week to pick up a few tile samples. I’m helping a friend with the flooring for a house he’s flipping. Her gold shoes, gold polka dot pants, and her gold monogram shirt are my favorite. We LOVE us some gold! 



 On Wednesday morning we woke up to our Favorite breakfast in the crockpot. I’m not usually one to post recipes, but this one is quick, easy and has our house smelling like a good ole fashioned diner. First, layer the bottom of your crockpot with hash browns, browned breakfast sausage, 12 eggs and a handful of cheese. Mix together and cook on low for 6 hours. I added some salsa in with ours, and it was absolutely de-lish the next morning. The recipe made plenty, so we will be eating on it for several days. 



My current favorite soap is Savon.  I keep it by the kitchen sink and use it to wash hands and dishes. I was lucky enough to find mine at Home Goods, but Anthro also sells it.  This giant bottle has lasted me since the first of summer and now well into fall. It comes in many different colors, so I will most likely be trading it out for Christmas and then again for the spring. Please don’t judge my ugly 1980s backsplash, my kitchen is next on the list for complete reno!IMG_4604


My absolute, number one favorite thing of the week was taking the kids to Rotan. My dad and brother are currently stripping cotton (yes, thats what it’s called, no, they are not taking off their clothes.) When we got to Rotan on Wednesday night, we got to ride the stripper for a few hours, and PB was in complete awe. He LOVED it, like didn’t say two words the entire time, loved it. We rode with uncle dave for a little while and then with my dad. Hopefully this is a good sign he will enjoy it for many summers to come!

IMG_4630IMG_4645 IMG_4640


Even though the kids won’t be joining me in Raider Land for Homecoming, I still like for them to dress the part. As I was packing, I realized once again, poor PB has zero Tech shirts. I might have to make a trip over to the spirit shop while I’m here and pick up a few things. I’m thinking this cute shirt and belt

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.23.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.15.30 PM

……and because we have to cheer for both teams in our house, I’ll likely be ordering this one too (it may be big time on sale right now). #sorrynotsorry  We’ll see if MDub actually reads this blog or not. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.18.59 PM

Happy Friday Y’all !! 

5 on fridayFridayFavorites3_zpsea6fc451


5 Comments on “5 on Friday – Friday Favorites

  1. Love the gold shoes! We have a pair too! Also, thanks for the recipe!! We love breakfast and this sounds so easy. I love crockpot cooking 🙂

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  2. All 5 of your faves are GREAT this week. Especially that the kids are in ROTAN!!! And, we may be having the crockpot breakfast Sunday morning!! Looks delish!!!

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  3. Cutest little baby at Home Depot! Love the memories your kids will have from Rotan. I remember riding on a family cotton picker in the Carolinas as a young girl and was such a fun time. Going to have to get the boys some raider/longhorn gear #housedividedtoo

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