AB is 8 months old

It’s a big week at our house. PB is turning two, and AB just turned 8 months old. How is this even possible? Even though it’s only been 8 months, it’s been EIGHT months! She is quickly developing her own personality and is such a blast to be around. Since last month, her top two teeth have pushed their way through, and it’s really funny to watch her run her tongue across them. Her hair has grown so much, and it’s getting darker and really curly. We are counting down the days until it covers those big ears – kidding….kind of.  Bath time is cray cray, like a giant slippery mess each and every night. She loves it and is smiling the entire time, but will NOT sit still to save her life. Actually, she never sits still, like NEVER! 

Hallelujah we are all sleeping much better.  Just waking up once per night, but nap times are still hit or miss. I blame myself for this one since we can’t keep a schedule to save our lives. #momfail   She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on just about everything in sight.  PB is playing with her more and more every day and has even tried to pick her up and carry her a couple of times. She absolutely adores MDub, and I hope it stays that way forever. 

Below are the pics from our 8 month photo shoot. It’s a family affair every time.IMG_4879 IMG_4770IMG_4892IMG_4890


One Comment on “AB is 8 months old

  1. That tongue, hair, & bow in the second picture….😂😂😂! Love how she’s looking at MDub and PB!! Precious baby girl!!!

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