PB’s Birth Story

Since I didn’t have this blog when PB was born, I thought it would be good to go back and document his crazy birth story. Even though it’s only been two years, some of the details are fading, and I want to remember it forever. Warning – this will probably be the longest post I ever write!

Mdub and I had just sold our first house that we absolutely loved. We knew we wanted another fixer upper but being 8 months pregnant wasn’t the time for that. We moved into a friend’s rent house when I was 33 weeks and planned on staying there until we found something of our own.
Leading up to the move, my pregnancy was downright perfect. I worked out 4-5 times a week, traveled for work and even helped the movers. I know my mom is reading this, so I promise I didn’t move a ton, but it was still exhausting while being 90 degrees outside.

IMG_4564DSC_3612 copyKitchen

We moved on a Thursday, and I think I had a meltdown that night. A. I was 8 months pregnant and B. we had just left the house my dad poured his heart and soul into for us. We LOVED that house and were so lucky for that to be our first home.

A series of events after the move probably didn’t help the situation any. The first night in the new rent house I fell in the shower. It was slippery, and I wasn’t used to the new tub. I’m sure the fall was very graceful as I pulled the shower curtain down on myself.

That weekend was filled to the brim. I’m talking stupid full, but that’s how we used to roll. We closed bright and early Friday morning, my parents came to help unpack, I had a wedding shower I was in charge of, MDub was in charge of events for his high school’s 100th year celebration, and we even had a birthday party to attend Saturday night. I remember trying to put boots on for the party and they wouldn’t even zip.

My parents went home Sunday, and I didn’t budge from the couch the entire afternoon. Looking back, I’m laughing because MDub went to watch the Cowboys’ game, and he was a little annoyed that I wouldn’t go with him.

Ok – we are finally to Monday, 4 days after moving. I was recharged Monday morning and needed to head to Starbuck’s to work.  We didn’t have internet at the rent house yet. As I was moving a box out of my way, I must have forgotten how big my stomach was. I ran right into the corner of a wall. At the time it hurt but nothing too awful. I continued with my morning, but while at Starbuck’s I started hurting a little more. I called my Dr., and she wanted me to come in to be checked. They sent me up to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. A few hours turned into over night, and I’m telling you, it was the best over night! The only room available was a suite, and I HAD to just lay there and watch TV. After the weekend we had, this was AHHH-Mazing. My grandmother was in town, so she and my Aunt Barb came to check on me along with MDub’s parents. Looking back, I bet the nurses made fun of the girl just in to be monitored having so many visitors.

My doctor sent me home the next day, but with rules. I was now basically on house arrest and could only leave for three hours a day. Ummm, excuse me – I have stuff to do, lady! For the next week, you better believe I stretched  those three hours to full capacity. Hanging out at B&B’s with my grandmother did not count. Besides, they had internet, so I could sit and work! My mom would call every morning to see what time I was leaving the house, then call again to make sure I was headed home when I was supposed to.

The week went by slowly which was good. MDub, of course, had the biggest weekend of the year – TX/OU. He went to the game with friends and then I met them afterwards for dinner. Monday rolled around, and as I was sitting on the couch working, (WooHoo! we now had internet,) my water broke. On a daily basis, I text back and forth with my very best friends in a group text, and I swear we are all smarter than WebMD. That group text has some “serious” medical issues, and they are solved within 3 minutes. So, as any first time preggo girl would do, I texted and told them what happened to ask what the heck I was supposed to do. After confirming, yes, my water did indeed break, I called MDub and told him he needed to come home. I jumped in the shower, put fake tan on, because um, hello, and then tried calling my mom a million times. I didn’t realize it, but she was out of school for the day and wasn’t answering any phone I called her on. We finally got in touch with  her, and she and my dad were on their way. MDub was now home, and I was walking from room to room on the phone with Lori while she told me what to pack.

At 35 weeks pregnant we were headed to the hospital to have a baby!!

This is MDub as we were checking into the hospital around noon – to say he was overwhelmed is more than accurate. To say we were the most unprepared parents ever, might be an understatement. It was football season – who has time for birth classes or tours of the hospital!


They sent me to triage (where they send everyone to be monitored), and then the waiting began. I’ll spare you from the details, but basically the nurses didn’t think my water had broken. This is the picture I sent to my group text- they replied back assuring me it had!


Fast forward four hours, and it was confirmed, my water had broken. They moved me to labor and delivery and we got comfy. We had tons of visitors even before PB got here! Diane, King and Ana, along with my good friend, Julia, all came up to check on us. Mielle, Dane, Emily and Maya were there, too. (not to mention both our parents) Around 9pm I got my epidural and sent everyone home. The nurses told us it would be a long night, so to try and get some rest. Our parents went to the waiting room, and I think my dad went to the car to sleep.

2013-10-14 copy mom 2013-10-14 (1)

Around 2am, they called my Dr. and decided it was time. She was back up to the hospital in no time, and we were ready to get this party started. Back story, at about week 28 they told me PB was breech, but they would just keep monitoring him. When we checked in earlier that day, the nurse told me he was not breech and must have flipped. OK – back to 2am. I pushed for a little while and thought it was all going too smoothly. About that time, my doctor said a really bad word followed by, “this is his butt not his head.” She then told MDub to turn around and stand in the corner until someone came back to get him. We still laugh about this because we have no clue why he needed to stand in the corner. They rushed me to the OR and prepped me for a C-section. I think I was too oblivious to know what was going on at the time, but as they entered the OR, I swear I thought I was on Gray’s Anatomy. Tons of nurses and doctors, and they were all just talking about their night. Come to find out, they had just finished another C-section and were cleaning up when they got the call for mine.

Ready to start and no MDub, they had forgotten about him, and guess where he was – still in the corner! Once he was in the room and what seemed like forever, on October 15th at 3:35 am, they finally pulled that tiny 4 pound 10 ounce little boy out. I remember being worried because he didn’t cry, and they were calling the NICU to come get him. After a few pictures, MDub left with PB while I was being sewn up.

Price Bates Walther
October 15, 2013
4lbs 10oz
18in long

What seemed like minutes, but I later learned was several hours, I was taken to my room. On the way, the nurse asked if I wanted to stop in the NICU to see PB – yes, please!! He was so tiny and connected to all sorts of wires.


It was now Tuesday and we were told that if all went well, PB would be brought up to our room to stay the following day. We were so excited that I don’t think any of us slept that entire day. In the NICU, they had these great cameras that were on the babies 24 hours a day, and you could log in from a computer to view. Fast forward to first thing Wednesday morning. We opened up our computer to find his arm all bandaged up. Immediately we called the NICU nurse, and she said a dr. would be right up to talk to us. Hello – it’s never good when a doctor in a major hospital is in your room within 5 minutes of saying he would. He sat and talked with us telling us PB might have some sort of infection and would need to stay in the NICU for 7-10 days. So we stayed. We made a million trips back and forth from my hospital room to the NICU. Tons and tons of friends and family came and visited. Saturday was the day I was to be released, and we were big time dreading it. No way was I going to be able to go home and leave PB there all alone. Thankfully, when Saturday rolled around, I was dismissed, and PB got transferred to extended care. Extended care is basically a dorm room version of NICU. MDub and I both got to stay with him and never had to leave. At one point, I had lived at the hospital longer than our rent house!

Extended care was amazing. My mom alternated a few nights with MDub, so he could go back to work. I love loved this place and really didn’t want to go home. It was a safe place, we had tons of help, and in 10 days it became our normal.  I think every first time parent should have to stay in extended care so you can learn what the heck you’re doing. IMG_4797Slide1


IMG_4856I know there are many more details from after he was born that I’m leaving out – but holy cow this post is getting long.  So, after 10 long days in the NICU and hospital, PB was perfectly fine, just tiny. We were finally scheduled to go home, and we were beyond excited and a little scared. After our 10 day stay, he was leaving the hospital weighing exactly 5 pounds.

2013-10-15 copy


As this crazy, wild, perfectly healthy little boy turns two tomorrow, it seems almost impossible that he came into this world so helpless and small. Thanks for sticking with me and reading the longest post ever. I want to always remember the tiniest of details associated with his crazy entrance into this world.

We love you Price Bates Walther!


12 Comments on “PB’s Birth Story

    • I forgot to put that part in – glad you reminded me! I was calm because I was out of it – I had no clue what was going on!!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I remember that you were supposed to have PB AFTER Nisha had Kailyn, not a month BEFORE! We all prayed for your little guy. Cannot believe we STILL have not met him! We seriously need to get extended fam together again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I remember that! and yes – we need everyone to meet. Let us know next time y’all come to visit and maybe we can get together. Thanks for always reading!!


  2. What a day that was! Filled with so many emotions from fear (35 week delivery 😳) to frustration (did your water break or not, has PB flipped or not) to such excitement when you delivered a teeny tiny yet healthy baby boy!!! We love you Price Bates!! Happy 2nd Birthday!!! 💙💙

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