One Room Challenge – Week 2

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Well, well, well, it’s week number two, and like any good project something has already gone wrong. Not a bad wrong, just a little change of plans right off the bat. 

After looking into the wallpaper a little more, we decided it was just a little too pricey. Especially since the entire room will be floor to ceiling wallpaper. So, I spent the majority of last week searching for something similar without the heavy price tag.

I’m pretty pleased with our alternative and think it will work just fine with the rest of the design. It’s Perzie Beige from Graham and Brown. Gorgeous print with a fabulous price tag! The paper should be here by now and will go up first part of next week. 

Here is the the beautiful new paper – what do you think? I’m pretty sure if you didn’t have the original version, you wouldn’t even notice. I probably shouldn’t have told on myself. Week two and not much progress what so ever. That’s ok – I’ve got this! #letshope



So lets recap.

To Do List:

-order wallpaper
– new light fixture
-rug (not in the plan, but we really need one)
-wallpaper the room

Thanks for stopping by to check out my non existent progress! Make sure to check out all the other rooms that are being transformed over at Calling it Home. I can’t wait to show you some real updates next week. I promise you will be impressed!

Week ONE 

6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 2”

  1. Looks beautiful to me! I’m loving all of the wallpaper options that are out there these days, I’m just hesitant to add it to my house again after taking so much wallpaper down! Such a painful process. But I’m loving your design!

  2. The new wallpaper is great!! Save & splurge is the name of the game. This entry space is going to be amazing!!

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