Five on Friday & Friday Favorites

We’ve had the most fun week! Not too busy, but just busy enough. I’m sharing my Friday Favorites and Five on Friday once again.  This post might be all about PB – he turned two yesterday and we’ve been celebrating!


This was one of my favorite pictures of the week. We were headed out the door for school and everyone’s hair was actually fixed. Lately, it seems as though any time I put the camera in PB’s face, he gets a somber look. This was the first big smile I’ve gotten in a week or so.  I saw a quote this week saying something about 3,668 terrible pics for that one good shot on insta. That’s totally us on a daily basis ~the struggle is real! 

IMG_4927 (1)TWO:

The annual State Fair of Texas is always one of my favorite. I didn’t grow up in Dallas, so the fair was something very new to me once I moved here. This picture was in 2008 and now this group has a total of 10 kids. Times are a changing!  On Tuesday night we went, and holy cow it was crowded. Pushing strollers through the masses was not our idea of fun. We’ve decided next year we are going the first week it opens, and possibly taking off work just to avoid the crowds.  We realized as we were walking out that we didn’t get a family pic in front of Big Tex. We settled for one in front of the cattle barn instead. #veryrandom





A little random fact, but we call MDub Mr. Safety City. When it comes to our kids, he follows the rules big time! It seriously takes him a good two hours to install a carseat (not even kidding). So when the pediatrician says rear facing until two years old, you better believe poor PB wasn’t getting turned around until 3:20 am on October 15th. Well, we were playing fruit basket turnover with cars & carseats on Sunday, and I turned PB around. I know, I know, four days early. This is a new view for us, and we are loving it. Sidenote, my kids usually fall asleep before we get out of our neighborhood. Anyone have a carseat they are in love with? This one is ours, and it’s ok. Nothing to complain about, but I also don’t have anything else to compare it to. Let me know if you have one you love, we will soon be in the market for a second. 



If you missed my post on Wednesday, check it out. PB’s birth story was anything but normal, and I wanted to document it now that I have a blog. Warning – it’s kind of long. I always said I wanted it to be like the movies and just go into labor. For my first I didn’t want a scheduled induction, I wanted it to be spontaneous. God sure has a funny sense of humor some times! 



Yesterday, this little boy turned two!  We had a Paw Patrol breakfast party complete with sausage biscuits and candles. By the time lunch rolled around, he was getting to be a pro at blowing out the candles. We’re partying all weekend so I’ll share pictures on Monday. Every day with him is more fun than the previous. Actually, I take that back. We’ve definitely hit the terrible twos, and it’s NOT fun. One minute, he’s the absolute sweetest and the next we don’t even know who he is. Can we fast forward to year 3?  

Paw Patrol PJs  //  Paw Patrol Birthday Book  //  Paw Patrol Plates


Have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend. 

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