PB’s 2nd Birthday Party – Balloon Style!

On Saturday, we partied…..hard! We had PB’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday morning at a local park. Like any two year old, he’s obsessed with balloons, so I decided to make that the theme. Easy peasy, right? To start, I went straight to my friend Brooke at Brown Paper Couture. She has done all my invitations, birth announcements, and Christmas cards for several years now. She designed the perfect invitation to fit our balloons theme. 

Onto the party. Usually, I do the majority of the decor myself. Mainly because I’m really bad at explaining myself to others, and it never turns out how I envisioned. MDub says it’s a really bad quality I have, and I need to work on it, yeah, not happening. So, I rented a helium tank, and my dad and I aired up 200 balloons. My dad and I are exactly alike, and we work great as a team; we get each other. Again, MDub would say we don’t work well with others, and we need to work on it. 

Everything was blue, blue and blue complete with blue cupcakes and Yard Party! I had everything ready to go the night before. All we had to do was take to the park and setup. Well, hello, being from west Texas, you would think I would account for the wind. It’s never windy in Dallas, except when I plan on having 200 balloons at an outdoor park! I had to get over my vision really quickly and just let the giant PRICE balloons be RIPCE or EPRCI depending on when you looked at them.

Despite the decor, the kids had a blast. Sometimes just a good ole morning at the park is all you need. They played in the sand, wore balloons on their heads and ate a ton of mini corndogs. I’m not sure why it took me until the end of the party to realize this, but PB just isn’t himself in crowds. Once everyone left, we stayed and opened gifts with both grandparents and my brother’s family. PB was laughing and the star of the show. During the party, he was a complete two year old disaster, hence the great family photo below.

All in all, we had a great morning celebrating our 2 year old! We love you Price Bates.


IMG_6621 IMG_6645 IMG_6666IMG_6686 IMG_6712


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