One Room Challenge – Week 3

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It’s week three, and things are a happening! I checked in on our progress this week, and we have wallpaper! We not only have it, but it’s actually up on the walls and looks incredible. It arrived late last week, and the wallpaper hanger was ready and waiting. She was able to get all four walls hung on Monday,  and then, the second she left, we hung the drapes. Because, hello, my personality plus Paige’s equals big time ADD. No time to waste, get those things hung! 

Since the room has great natural light, we went ahead and took the original light fixture down. S-O-L-D on Craigslist to a lucky new homeowner!  The fixture was meant for a dining room and definitely builder grade. It was ok, but wasn’t anything special. Lighting in my opinion MAKES the room, and people often overlook it when building or redecorating a space. It’s the jewelry of the space, the bling, the ah-ha!! All that being said, we couldn’t look at the old one any longer. Poor Paige will now have to live with a hole in the ceiling until the new fixture comes in.  

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This week, a big chunk of the room was finished, but we still have a ton to do. Three weeks in, and three items checked off our list. Only three weeks left, and that gives me a tad bit of anxiety. We can do it, we can do it, we can do it!

Let’s recap: 

To Do List:
-order wallpaper
– new light fixture
-rug (not in the plan, but we really need one)
-wallpaper the room
-furniture (coffee table, chairs, mirror, side table)

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  1. It’s already beautiful! I suspect it’ll be amazing when you are done with it! I can’t wait to see!

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