One Room Challenge – Week 4!

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So, that one time, when I had an amazing, well planned out plan that didn’t go as planned. Yep, that happened this week. When I walked in the door to check on our furniture delivery, I knew it just wasn’t right for the room. Yes, it even happens to  the best of us. It was just too much cream for the room, and we needed some color. I’m sure Paige was secretly sitting back saying, “I told you so.” She loves her some color, and with this entire house I’ve been holding her back. 

So – we made her hubby load it all up and return it. I have no doubt he was cussing me the entire way!

Out of our original plan, we did keep a couple of items and hung some pictures. With Paige being the photographer she is, you would expect nothing less than three giant canvases as you walk in the door. The colors are perfect, so we decided to pull from them for the new furniture. With baby boy on the way, we may be revisiting that wall in a few short months. 

The side cabinet and mirror work great for the space. They are the right color, size, and look a lot more expensive than what we actually paid. 



Ok, so lets revisit the original plan with the items we aren’t using. Yep – that’s pretty much everything. To say I’m a little stressed this won’t get finished, is an understatement. Slide1

Here is our new plan. Not at all what we started with, but I think it’s going to be great. Paige’s love language is “Pops of Color”, so I’m getting big time friend brownie points with this one! The couch has been ordered along with the two chairs. However, we got word it could take four weeks. Um, hello, big box store, do you not realize we are participating in a link up party and only have TWO weeks left? 


Let’s recap:

To Do List:
-order wallpaper
– new light fixture
-rug (not in the plan, but we really need one)
-wallpaper the room
-furniture (coffee table, chairs, mirror, side table)

– reorder furniture that was not in original plan

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can………………

What are you thoughts? Did we make a good decision? Do you like the first plan or the second?

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Week 3 

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  1. The mirror and chest look beautiful! Even the guys gave them a thumbs up! Good decision on the sofa being the wrong choice. Sometimes we try to force a plan and it just needs to be changed. A great designer knows that!

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