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We are so excited about the weekend – hurry up Saturday, and then Sunday, please, last forever! We have trick or treating, and then a post-pizza dinner planned with friends. A little reminder:  Clocks go back this weekend.  Pre-kids, the Fall Back weekend was amazing. I’m a little scared about Sunday morning, and what time we will all be waking up. I have to say, I’m not a fan of this time change. I don’t like it getting dark so early.  I feel like I can’t get as much done during the day.  Our nights go by way too fast, but maybe that will be a good thing, and we will all go to bed a little earlier. 
Ok, now onto my Friday Favs!

Because of this crazy Texas “Fall” weather, dressing has been really hard lately. It’s chilly in the mornings, but we are sweating by early afternoon. Kickee Pants to the rescue! If you have never bought them for your babies/kids, do yourself a favor and purchase right now. They make everything from pajamas to dresses to hats. They are the softest things in the entire world. A friend gave us our first Kickee Pants when PB was born, and I’ve been sold ever since. AB is wearing these almost every day right now. The pants are perfect for cooler mornings, and if we get too hot, we just take them off. The shirts are long enough to be worn as dresses. Definitely a favorite of the moment. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.21.17 PM


This week for playgroup, we visited a pumpkin patch at a local church. We had a great time even though it was close to 80 degrees. We pushed the wagon, picked out the perfect pumpkin, and tried to get a few shots in our pumpkin clothes. (I told you we would have them on all October!) Then, to end the fun afternoon, we ate a little snack and played in the back of my car as we waited for the police to come. Yep, poor Lindsey’s car was broken into, and her purse was stolen….in a church parking lot! Who does that??

 IMG_5118 (1)IMG_5489 (1)IMG_5510 (1)IMG_5538 (1)


Last week, I raved about the PB Kids Kitchen for AB – who won’t be getting it this year, but it was fun to swoon over! Since Partners Card starts today, we went to Pottery Barn Kids on Wednesday night to check out a few things. This little girl loved the kitchen, but we were mainly there to check on a table for PB. This table is really awesome. It comes with two different heights of legs, so that we can use it for a train table, and then later on both kids will be able to sit at it. I’m hoping our Donny & DeeDee Santa have this on their list!  Notice AB’s Kickee Pants ensemble. 

IMG_5472 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.45.48 PM


If you missed my post yesterday, check it out! We are in week 4 of the 6 week challenge, and to say things are a little crazy is an understatement. We’ve got to get things moving next week, so that we can actually complete the space. These giant canvases are a great addition to the room! 



What about this cute pillow from Target? I know we haven’t even made it through Halloween, but technically, it’s all Fall. For less than $20, pick this up next time you are there to add some “Thankful” to your fall decor. I know most of you will be there today picking up last minute candy or costumes, so do yourself a favor, and throw this little cutie in your basket. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.20.19 PM

Well, that was a random assortment! I hope you all have a Happy Halloween filled with Snickers and Reese’s!

 32 Halloweens ago I became a big sister to this guy – Happy Birthday!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.36.27 PM

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those canvas’s look amazing! (or is it canvases, I am terrible with the grammar thing). Anyway, just LOVE them!

  2. Love that play table! Cute and functional. I’ve heard so many great things about Kickee Pants but haven’t gotten any yet for my daughter. AB looks adorable in them 🙂

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