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This picture says it all……. happy, happy weekend! I’m linking up as usual for Friday Favorites and Five on Friday. In no particular oder, I’m bringing you probably my most random assortment yet!



 If you weren’t aware, I’m the whitest person you’ve ever met, as in pale. I say all the time I should own stock in self tanner because I pretty much bathe in it during the summer. Several years ago, I tried the Jergens tinted lotion, but it did nothing for me, so I just wrote it off. For some reason, I picked some up about a month ago, and I’m now hooked.  I use it every single day, and it’s given me the perfect fall tan. Not too dark, but enough color so I’m not embarrassed to have shorts on. I think the key is to buy the medium to dark tone. 

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Can we all dream for a brief moment that we’re able to decorate our entire Christmas tree from Anthro? I mean – no words. How cute would these ornaments be on a tree in a little girl’s room? The mercury glass initials, flamingo ornament, and the vine bud garland  are some of my favorites, but there are many, many more! If you need an ornament for a gift exchange, order one of these, and it’s guaranteed to be the one everyone fights over!



I made a quick little trip this week up to Ikea to get a couple of things for my One Room Challenge. It’s not a secret I already love the place, but as I was walking out, I saw the cutest display with none other than buffalo check fabric. Even Ikea jumped on the bandwagon! You better believe I’ll be trying to find a use for it because it was a great price, and the check is really big. A definite favorite of the week!

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We channeled our inner Silverton/Rotan this week and sported our new boots and belt to church. I’m pretty sure he knows when he’s dressed like a big boy because he automatically walks around with his hands in his pockets. His boots have become his favorite! P.S. – if anyone has any tricks up their sleeve on how to keep little boys still long enough to comb their hair, please send them my way. #thestruggleisreal every single day!Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.46.17 PM


We have a very special baby shower this weekend for our soon to be cousin. Aunt LoLo is preggo (see what I did there?) with baby boy number three, so we are headed to Silverton to celebrate! She may or may not be getting this super chic diaper bag from us. Don’t worry – she picked it out and told me how she wanted the monogram. We are big fans of the Pottery Barn Kids’ diaper bags around here.  That’s what my sister-in-laws and I have all gifted to each other. LoLo and TayTay gave me mine with PB, then we’ve each returned the favor when the next becomes pregnant. They are just the right size, have a ton of pockets, and the entire inside is waterproof, so you can wipe it down easily. TayTay and I are stuffing it with lots of goodies, so I’ll make sure to get a pic on Sunday. 


Whew, those were random, but hey, that’s how my brain works! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to check out Yard Party.  We have some really cute signs coming up in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. I use the Jergens firming lotion that has a gradual glow aspect too! I just think I need to upgrade to the darker one because I don’t see much of a difference!

  2. Definitely buying the Jergens lotion today. PB really looks cute in his boots!! And love the diaper bag!

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