We’ve been partying!  

We had a weekend full of parties, and it wore us plum out! On Friday night, we had dinner club in Ft. Worth, followed by sweet Mila Poppy’s 1st birthday on Saturday, and then celebrated baby Knox on Sunday.  This post is super short because I’m not even home yet, but I had to share these cute pics.

Jenny threw the cutest party for MP complete with the tiniest glitter party hats. So glad we could be a part of it, and I hope these girls are life long friends like their mommas.

After the party we drove to Silverton to celebrate baby Knox. Aunt Lolo received some really cute things!! We can’t wait to meet you Knoxy…..but stay in there a couple more weeks! Your  daddy needs to finish farming first.


All the partying left PB exhausted!    Hope you had as great of a weekend as we did.

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