One Room Challenge – The Big Reveal

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Woohoo, we made it to the finish line…but not by much! Today is the big reveal for the living room I’ve been redoing doing for my friend Paige’s house. To say I’m thrilled with the way it turned out would be an understatement. If you remember we scratched the first plan in week 2 and basically started over. The fact that the couch was delivered in two weeks is downright incredible. We are still waiting on the rug, but it was an after thought, so I’m not losing sleep over it. 

So, without further ado, come on in!



Where to start, where to start. If you’ll remember, this was a blank room with absolutely nothing but a builder grade light fixture hanging. This is a new build house, so it was the perfect blank canvas to work with. The wallpaper was the starting point and one of the few items from the original plan. When you scratch a plan midway into the job, and when you’re trying to stay within the six week challenge, you have to use items you can find locally. So, off to Target, HomeGoods, and World Market I went! Hallelujah, thank you Tar-jay for being so wonderful right now always. Thankfully, Target has some amazing decor items right now that saved me. They all worked perfectly and made our cream room not so cream. As I’m typing this, I’m actually laughing because any “real” designer is rolling over dead right now. Does it help that the light fixture is To the Trade Only? Like any good room, it always comes together in the end, and this one was no different. We laughed last night because each time we finish a room in her house, we say it’s our new favorite. This one currently, is our absolute FAV! 






Fur Blanket // Fur Ottomans // Floor Lamp // Table Lamp // Metallic Pillows // Wood Tray // Side Table // Sea Urchin //

Couch // Blue Chairs // Coffee Table // Mirror // Curtains 

And because I always love a good Before and After:


I might add that Paige is the ABSOLUTE BEST person to work for. She is the most go-with-the-flow person you will ever meet, and she trusts me to do my thing. And hello, the room looks even better after she photographs it! 

If you’re just now joining us on this journey and want to catch up, check out our progress week by week.

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Thank you Linda at Calling It Home for hosting this Challenge twice a year. This was my first time to participate, but I’m already thinking of what I can do for the challenge in the spring. Check out all the other participants – there are some great transformations!  

23 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – The Big Reveal”

  1. I’ve loved watching the progression of this!! It turned out great (as always!). The mix of high-low cost products makes this space unique & accesible. You’re so talented at blending those concepts together, a rare gift!

  2. I kinda think Target is the best store ever. Their home decor has certainly come a long way since I was young. You created a great space in a short time. Enjoy your favorite room 🙂

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