AB Turns 9 Months Old

AB turned 9 months old last week, and I need to document! MP has been getting on to me lately for not keeping enough records of our children. #aintnobodygottimeforthat   This year is flying by with her, yet I feel like she’s been here forever. She for sure keeps us on our toes, but thankfully, she’s letting us all sleep a tad bit more than in previous months. 

Ok, on to the stuff that only MP and the grandparents care about!

She is pulling up on everything and crawling all over the place. She wants to be standing all the time and looks like she will be walking at any moment. But who knows, I’ll probably be saying the same thing 6 months from now!  We call her a crazy lady because, well, she is. She can NOT sit still to save her life and changing her diaper is just a disaster. We literally have to pin her down to keep her still. Speaking of not sitting still, we had yet another fall. MP had her in the swing outside while he was doing a few things. She was tightly strapped in, but somehow managed to wiggle herself out and fell right out……on the brick of our patio. Definite scare of the month, but after a few minutes, she was completely fine. 

I swear a tooth pops out every other day, but currently, she has 4 teeth with two more poking through on the bottom.  Price makes her laugh all the time, and they are playing together better and better every day. 

We went to her 9 month checkup on Friday and, hallelujah, for no shots! Pretty much the only checkup we’ve left without a crying baby. She’s in the 95th% for height (29 1/8″), 60th% for weight (18.14), and her head is in the 70th% (17 1/2″). Even though the 95th% for height makes me excited, I know that these numbers don’t mean much right now. At the next checkup, she could be down to the 40th and be just like her momma. Our doctor told us to start introducing table food…..uh, whoops, been doing that for a couple of months now. I realized with PB I can’t stand the baby food stage. Remembering to pack it, being out somewhere without a spoon, ugh, not for me. So, with AB, she ate baby food for a couple of weeks and then straight to eating what the rest of us are having. She pretty much loves anything we put in front of her; however, I have to say her fav things to eat at the moment are leaves. MP says maybe this is a good thing, and that it’s a sign she will like salad…..unlike her momma. 

Just for fun, I added a pic of PB at 9 months just to see them next to each other. He looks so much younger at 9 months than she does. 

Happy 9 months, Crazy Lady!


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  1. Sweet baby girl!! Time is going too quickly! You’ll be planning her first birthday before you know it!

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