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  This is what we think of Friday!  Bring on the weekend!!  #crazyhairdontcare.


I took a week off, but I’m linking up again this week for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites.


I’ve  never liked PB’s baby book, and I never even bought one for AB. They all seem so 80’s style, and I didn’t want to buy one just to buy.  MDub has expressed his annoyance with this many, many times…..yes, he’s weird and is one of the few men that actually cares about recording the first laugh.  Well, this week I came across possibly the best baby book I’ve ever seen. It is a 3-ring binder, so the pages come in and out easily. The front cover is so cute and will work for either boy or girl. Now—will someone, please,  come fill it out for me??



The weather has been so nice this week that we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible. This little girl is loving her big brother’s 4-wheeler…….just not when he’s driving. She thought it was hilarious for MDub to push her —definitely a favorite moment of the week.


If you missed my post Wednesday, make sure to check it out.  Tar-Jay has the cutest Christmas ornaments and one fabulous flocked tree that I have my eye on. I’m hoping to put this pretty little thing up in Miss AB’s room and also hoping she shares my love for all things flocked!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.50.02 PM


Yard Party is at it again. If you’re  following us on Instagram or Facebook you know we are taking orders for our Christmas reindeer.  If you would like this glittery goodness in your yard, let us know.  Since we are both working mamas, we are only taking orders until this Sunday. We would love to be in your yard this Christmas Season!



I’m saving the best for last. To say this might have just changed my life might be an understatement. I recently heard that Walmart is now delivering groceries right to your car (in select stores).  My weekly grocery trip usually takes a good hour and a half with a circus in tow. On Wednesday night, in my pajamas while watching TV (at 11 pm), I added everything to my online cart and selected my pickup time. On Thursday afternoon, I pulled right up to the store, and this awesome dude brought my groceries right to me. That’s right! RIGHT. TO. ME.  He even fussed at me for getting out of the car. He said not many people know about the service, and it’s only offered at 4 stores in the entire state right now, but in the next month, it will be offered at 700 Walmart stores. All of the groceries were probably colder than if I had shopped for them myself. They keep them in a fridge/freezer until you drive up. I am 100% SOLD, and  I told him I would see him next week!!  image

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and an even better Thanksgiving.  We have a lot of eating and even more football ahead of us.  Say a prayer right now for my marriage—-we are going to the Tech-UT football game on Thursday night, and it’s liable to be a not so pretty game………for either team. Wreck em!!


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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites -5 on Friday”

  1. That grocery service is AWESOME! I’ll have to check but I;m sure my Walmart isn’t one of them. It’s the dinkiest, tiniest, least organized Walmart I’ve ever been to. But yours sounds fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I absolutely love reading this….I learn so much!! 😜 Definitely need to hit up Target, and I really want one of those reindeer for my yard. Just trying to figure out how to get it to Lubbock!

  3. Walmart is genius! I sure hope our Walmart is one of the 700 stores adding this service! For all those young moms out there to not have to get babies out of car seats is just awesomeness!!
    And PB will be driving AB around your neighborhood in his little 4-wheeler in no time!! So cute!! 😊

  4. OMG …. I would so love to have drive thru grocery shopping. Way to go AB, get your bluff on the boys early. Thanks for always sharing great info. Love it!

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