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I’m linking up once again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. Many of you are either still out shopping or sleeping in late because you stayed out all night getting those deals. I’m not going to lie, I LOVE me some Black Friday. It’s really just the rush and the fear of me missing out on a great deal. I think the fun is taken out of it by advertising deals weeks in advance, and then offering the deals the entire first week of December. It used to be so fun to get the paper bright and early Thursday morning to plan out our evening and next day. I may or may not have sat in a line at Cabela’s one year in 20 degree weather waiting on them to open!!

OK – back to biz. 


These two are my absolute favorite. I’m mad at myself for not putting the kids in these clothes all during November. Big time mom fail, but I kept thinking I didn’t want them to get dirty, or that we needed to save them for a nicer occasion. Sooo, I ordered both over priced, and we wore them one time. I’m hoping that since they are both a little big on them, they can wear them next year?  I mean – that dress!!!



Amazon Prime. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you should really check into it. I have no clue how much it is a year, but it’s totally worth it. I had a friend text the other day and say, “Does it make me really lazy that I just ordered diapers and paid to get them in 2 hours?” I mean, almost as good as the new Walmart Grocery pickup!  I have never done the 2 hour thing, but the next day and 2 day service is just awesome. I’ve done 90% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon, and it’s so fun just to watch it show up at your front door. Since snail mail is literally a thing of the past, I promise I’m doing my part in keeping the USPS in business!



Speaking of Christmas Shopping – have you even started? Number one on our boy list this year is trains. Trains, trains, and more trains for PB. He’s obsessed, and they are his absolute favorite thing at the moment!  We’ve told everyone we need train tracks, train cars & even the train table. Here’s to hoping he’s not over trains by January!  On to the crazy lady in our life – she’s getting walking toys! This PB kids stroller has been a favorite of mine forever, and I’m so glad they still have it now that I have a little girl. 



Remember that cute tree I talked about last week?  Well, it’s not on sale but it’s cousin is. I’m thinking I might not regret this one in 3 years since it has clear lights instead of colored. Still debating, so I’ll let you know which one wins out!  


Yesterday’s game is rarely a favorite, but it does deserve mentioning. 12 years ago I met this crazy bearded Longhorn while in Austin for the Tech vs. UT game.  Here’s a few “through the years” pics and then one from last night……when we were still friends!!


Happy Black Friday  – I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving! Now on to Christmas music!!


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  1. Those are the cutest little turkeys ever!! Love their outfits. I bet they’ll still be good for next year! AB will be walking in no time pushing that cute little stroller around!

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