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Happy First Friday of December folks! This year has just flown by, and I can NOT believe it’s December. How did that happen? Does that mean we’re old now since time is flying by? Remember the elementary days when February really was 10 months ago? These days, it seems like February was only about 45 mintues ago. Rambling now over!

warning – this is a super assortment of random favorites this week. 

I’m linking up again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites


I’m starting out with probably the most random of all. This little packet is a total lifesaver for our family. I don’t take medicine often because it usually ends up making me feel worse. MDub says it’s all in my head, but the second I start feeling run down, I down one of these. If I don’t get adequate sleep, the first thing that starts to hurt is my throat – super random I know. But, after fueling back up on Vitamin C, I’m usually good to go. Mdub won’t admit it, but it works for him, too. I’ve even been known to put a little in PB’s juice every now and then just in case!  I’m writing this post late Thursday night, and I’ve had three today because  – ain’t nobody got time to be sick!

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I haven’t read this book yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews from friends. It’s on my personal Christmas list, and I plan on putting it in a few stockings as well. No matter how organized your house, car, office or life is, I feel like you can always improve. I’ve always considered myself a very tidy person, but as we’ve added more humans to this house, they seem to come with a lot of STUFF. This book will be a good read so that we can all start fresh and clean Jan 1st. I’ve heard it really is life changing, so I can’t wait!
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Why does it seem like Thanksgiving was so long ago? Probably because as soon as the turkey has been eaten, we immediately start decorating the tree and never look back. My favorite part of Thanksgiving was seeing these cuties in their Turkey attire. Why doesn’t fall last longer? It goes by so fast around here because it’s 99 degrees for 99% of the season. Next year, we will try to do more fall things during fall.



Santa DeeDee gave me these pajamas last year for Christmas. They are my absolute favorite, and I pretty much live in them if I’m at home. They are the perfect weight and the softest things I’ve ever had on. They would make the perfect gift for someone, and they’re even on sale right now. Hint hint to my Santas out there, I could use another pair. Oh and you know you want that eye mask!!!Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.08.38 PM


Our playdate this week was at the park. The weather has been pretty chilly, but it warmed up just enough Thursday afternoon to hit up the park. I mean – look at AB’s hair. It’s been so fun to watch it grow, and we are just so curious to see what it will finally look like when it all comes in. Yesterday, it was in rare form…I mean, those curls on top!! Yes, it was chilly, and, yes, we only had one shoe on. PB and Thompson were in love with the dogs passing by. Our playgroup doesn’t happen every week because we are all working mammas, but it’s so nice when we are all able to play!!  


Happy Weekend Folks – we survived yet another crazy busy week. We are looking forward to 6 Christmas parties this weekend. You read that right, 6! Gym parties, work parties, kids cookies with Santa, and even a party with real snow at our church.  If I’m alive on Monday I’ll update you on them!!

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  1. I was just thinking about how our home used to be much tidier and less cluttered before adding more humans this morning 🙂 I was doing dishes at the time and thinking about how I used to be always caught up and now I never seem to be caught up on dishes or laundry. I need to do some de-cluttering soon so maybe I should check out that book.

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