Weekend Wrap Up – Christmas Party Style

Whew – I need another Sunday to recover. This weekend officially kicked off the Christmas parties for us, and we had a blast…..my feet are still hurting, but we had a blast!
Thankfully, Saint Dee Dee came in to rescue the weekend. I did actually have babysitters lined up for both Friday and Saturday nights, but when we were talking on Thursday, she agreed to come help out. Hallelujah – she just makes things much easier. 

So – Friday night we headed out to the first two parties. Of course, I took zero pictures, but we had a blast at Marcus’ ALC party (no clue what that stands for) and our CFR party (Crossfit Richardson). We love, love these people, and it’s always good to be with them outside the gym. Especially since I’m basically MIA lately, and half the people there didn’t even know who I was. Not even kidding – these kiddos are kicking my booty, and lately the gym has been on the back burner. Gone are the days of 5am workouts 5 days a week. 

Saturday bright and early, I headed to Frisco to help out my Collin County chapter setup for Cookies with Santa. My mom brought the kids up a little later for the first Santa pic of the year. I have zero expectations this year because I know both are going to be scared to death. They performed exactly as I expected, so we just decided to hangout and “warmup” to the big guy. Well, the big guy got tired of waiting on us, so he left. We took over his chair, and the kids had the best time playing with all the ornaments. Oh well – I’m not getting my hopes up for a decent pic anytime soon. #oneday

After a morning with Santa, we headed home for lunch and naps. I had to make a few Yard Party deliveries before Mdub’s office party Saturday night. We had a fun evening with all his co-workers, and by 10 pm my feet were killing me.

Sunday morning, I woke up to a text message asking if I was ready to shop! Um – heck yea. There’s a Restoration Hardware warehouse sale going on here for the next month (only on the weekends), so my sister in law came to stock up. David and Taylor are about to break ground on their new house, so they need a ton of stuff. Remember me saying DeeDee was in town – thank goodness. She stayed with AB while I went to help pick out light fixtures, and while PB and Mdub went to church. Yes, I skipped church to shop! Three hours of shopping, and lots of $$$$ saved. And might I add, how amazing is it that Tay Tay drove my brother’s truck and a 10 foot trailer through Dallas!  #thethingswedoforasale

I came home to MDub & PB putting lights up on the house and DeeDee working on my chalkboard. I would have a blank chalkboard if it wasn’t for my mom. I have the worst handwriting ever and can’t draw to save my life. #itsbeginningtolookalotlikeChristmas

We ended the weekend with the most fun Christmas celebration at our church. We had Christmas at the Park with a live Nativity, real snow, and food trucks. The weather was chilly, and it actually felt like Christmas. The kids had such a fun time! So much fun that they both fell asleep on the way home – no surprise, this happens all the time. As I type this, PB is currently sleeping in his jeans since we moved them straight from the car to their beds. 

All in all – we had seven parties we were invited to this weekend, and we ended up making five. That’s a win in my book! Mdub called me in-between our church service and Sunday School (while I was shopping with Tay Tay) to tell me the sermon was about slowing down. Taking time, not just during the holidays, but in general, to enjoy life. Um – hello, this sermon was meant for us! How pitiful I wasn’t there to enjoy it because I was trying to fit one more thing into our weekend. So – we are going to make a strong effort to start saying NO. I want to be able to enjoy my kids as much as possible at this age, and rushing from event to event is just getting too hard. Down time is OK, and we need more of it just to enjoy time as a family of four.

Bring on Monday – I hope you all had a great weekend!!

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  1. It was a fun weekend. I sure enjoyed spending time with those sweet babies. Now, let’s practice. Repeat after me, “No!”

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