Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our home during the Holidays! A ton of blogs are showing off their Christmas decorations, so I thought I would join in. I love, love my house decorated for Christmas, and I really wish I could leave it up all year long. Funny, but our tree is probably my least favorite part. This might be the last year for it as it’s leaning, and half the lights are out. This year, the ornaments start about 2 feet off the ground….any guesses why??
I’ve said it before, but my chalkboard wall is one of my favorites in this house. It’s a giant waste of space, but cute to look at.  Thankfully, DeeDee came this past weekend, so she updated it for Christmas! I have a hot chocolate bar setup complete with flowers I stole from Mdub’s office Christmas party over the weekend. I wish they would stay alive all month! 
PB’s Santa pictures from the past two years are displayed, and I’ll be adding this year’s pic next week. I’m putting it off as long as possible because I’m dreading the screaming that I guarantee will go down. 
The majority of my decorations are red and white with a lot of silver glitter. I bought the giant snowflakes the first year we were married, and they are my absolute favorite Christmas item in our house. They are starting to fall apart, and I might cry BIG time when they finally bite the dust. I don’t think they make them any more, so it’s gonna be a sad, sad day. I love them so much I leave them up through January for “winter decor.”
Our stockings are from Pottery Barn, and I actually bought them all at one time……before we even had PB. 
And of course, the kids have a few Christmas items in their rooms as well. PB has a small tree with none other than giraffes.  Our tall giraffe in the play room got a Santa makeover, and then we have our Christmas books on the shelves right now. Remember when I was debating on the flocked tree for AB’s room? Well, I ordered it, and didn’t like it. Sooo, poor thing only got a few ornaments hanging from the ceiling, but she loves it. They might be staying until she’s out of diapers because she actually lays still now while she’s getting changed. 


Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

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