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Y’all – it’s Fri-yay…again. Maybe it’s because I’m doing this blog now, but gosh, they seem to come so quickly!  I’m linking up again with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites and April for Five on Friday.
We’ve had the best week with some awesome Christmas festivities. Even though our kids are really too young to probably remember Christmas, we really are trying to do something Christmas-y at least every other day. Some things are simple and free; some require a little more effort and money. Around here……558badba741579e0cfc3f4558e320a11
  1.  On Tuesday afternoon, we picked Mdub up from work and headed to the Gaylord. We started going way before we got married, and now we are taking our kids. The Gaylord is absolutely amazing all decorated for Christmas, and the ICE exhibit makes it that much more fun. We were a little hesitant about taking the kids to ICE, but since they are free, we went with it. To our surprise, PB loved it. The cold didn’t bother him one bit, and he didn’t want to leave. I’ll try to share more pictures and write an entire post on it, but here’s one of my fav pics! My favorite is matching AB — I plan to take full advantage until she’s too embarrassed. And yes, please notice PB not cooperating at ALL. IMG_6528 (1)
2. Y’all – I have the BEST girl friends ever. I’m not sure who came up with this idea, but this is now our third or fourth year to host a “favorite things” Christmas party. I get so excited, and it’s seriously like Christmas morning for old people! We all bring 5 of our “favorite” items, and then everyone leaves with the same gifts from all. No crazy white elephant, no trading or stealing, just simple, boring gift exchange. This year we kept it simple by ordering pizza and desserts!  Let’s face it, no one’s there for the food, just the gift.  How fun are all these items? Can you tell we love jewelry? And, can you tell which boring household items I came with?? My egg crate and small strainer really are some of my favorite items in my fridge, so I had to share!


3. On Tuesday, I shared my house all decorated for Christmas. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, check it out here. Mdub gave me a hard time for not taking pictures of the outside all lit up, so I’ll have to sneak out and take a pic some time this week. Until that happens…….
4. We headed to the mall this week to get PB some Christmas pajamas. He found this Santa hat and would not take it off. We celebrate any occasion he actually wants to smile for the camera!  Later that night we somehow tricked him into sort of cooperating for a jammie pic. If you’ve never had Hanna Andersson PJs, you’re missing out. They are so comfortable, and my kids get a ton of wear out of them. AB is wearing PB’s from last year, and they still look brand new.  PS – they are on sale right now!



5. In preparation for Santa pics next week, we’ve been talking the big guy up BIG time. We say his name, we point out every possible Santa we see, and we’ve even been eating off of these Santa plates. I purchased the melamine plates and utensils for our entire family a couple of weeks ago. PB eats off  of his plate for every single meal, we talk about Santa, we wave, and we blow kisses in hopes he will not freak out during pictures. #yeahright

Happy Friday Folks – we actually get to sleep in Saturday morning!! WooHoo, it’s the little things!!

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  1. just stopping by from Five on Friday! I have always wondered how the favorite things party worked! that sounds like a fun time! have a great weekend.

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