Gaylord Ice – Christmas 2015

One of our favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to visit the Gaylord in Grapevine. We started going way before we even got married and have continued the tradition ever since. I don’t think we went the year PB was born, but that Christmas was a little crazy and doesn’t count. We decided to head out last Tuesday afternoon, so that we could enjoy it before the kids got cranky. We walked around to see ALL the trains. This was probably the best part for PB!  He, like any two year old, is obsessed with trains right now, so this was perfect FREE entertainment. We had to stop for our yearly picture on the sleigh and by the longhorn…..which were awful.  After looking at the trains, lights, and trying to find every single hidden ELF, we decided to eat dinner before heading to the ICE exhibit. We’ve tried out every restaurant there, and I think next year we will just pass on dinner. When will we learn? The food is just not that great – but the atmosphere is so that it gets us every time. Oh well, after mexican food and a screaming fit trying to get PB to put on the massive coat, we were headed into ICE. We didn’t have high expectations, because, well he’s two, but he did great and loved every minute of it. I think next year he will be big enough to do the ice slide, but he enjoyed just walking around and pointing to everything. Much to our surprise, Miss AB just sat quietly inside my jacket. The girl never sits quietly, so this was fantastic! I think there was so much going on that it kept her entertained.  Plus, she was probably freezing to death. We ended our trip with a picture next to one of Santa’s reindeer!

2014 vs. 2015!

I mean – look at how much he’s grown in one year…that coat!


All in all, it was a great afternoon/evening and it was so much fun taking both kids. Definitely something we will continue to do year after year. (mainly because once MDub does something more than once, it’s now a tradition and something we will have to do the rest of our lives) 

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