Christmas 2015

If you have leftover eggnog, you better pour yourself a big ole’ glass, because this post is gonna be long. We’ve been doing Christmas for what seems like a week now, so I have tons of pictures to document. To say it was utter chaos would be an understatement. From Christmas Eve Church service with two toddlers to opening presents with 7 kids all eight years and younger, the entire week has been kinda crazy. But a fun crazy that we will remember forever. This was AB’s first Christmas and look what we got in the mail. The sweet nursery workers at our church took the time to take her picture, then have a card made and mailed to us. #mybabiesalwayslookshockedinpictures!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.20.36 PM

On Christmas Eve, we attended our “family” church service. It was at 2:00pm and very kid friendly. I was hesitant about taking both our kids, so we sat pretty close to the back. Good call because PB was in rare form. At one point he was sitting in the row in front of us, then dropping the plastic candle trays on the floor, and then screaming during the children’s sermon down front. MDub and I both took him out several times and for some reason never learned our lesson because we stayed for the entire service. About half way thru, we heard a splash and then an awful odor!  Yep, a poor little girl three rows behind us threw up and it was running underneath our feet. The janitors had to come in and mop up all while our preacher never skipped a beat! It was definitely a Christmas Eve Service for the books.

We then headed to Mdub’s parents’ house for dinner, and then home to put out our “reindeer food.” Yes, PB is still very young to remember any of this, but we all had fun, and I think it will be something to continue each year.


Thankfully, our kids are still oblivious to waking up super early for Santa. We had a slow morning opening gifts before heading to Mdub’s parents’ house again for the day. Trains, trains and more trains was the theme this year. PB didn’t care about anything else but trains, and he was entertained ALL DAY LONG. Poor AB —- she’s still too young to care!  All she wanted was the paper! The weather was so nice in Dallas that we were able to sit outside by the pool while waiting on dinner. It kinda felt more like Easter than Christmas.


The day after Christmas each year, we head to Rotan to spend several days. The second we walked in the door, all the kids were jumping up and down ready to open gifts. From the second we got there until we all went to bed that night, it was loud and rowdy chaos. Six of the grandkids are four years old and younger, so someone is usually crying at all times. Someone is hitting, someone isn’t sharing, someone is hurt all while someone else is trying to nap. The amount of dirty diapers in the house is just down right gross. And of course, the perfect cousin picture didn’t go as well as expected, or as the moms expected. All the men just shake their heads every time we try. One day we will learn, but until then…..


We finished up Christmas along with everyone else in the state of Texas with the crazy weather. Thankfully, just a lot of wind, sleet and snow for us.

Merry Christmas 2015 from the Walthers! IMG_7178

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