Our Year in Review

2015 came and went so fast I hardly even remember it. I think it has to do with multiple sleepless nights, and the fact that I’m chasing around two toddlers while having a full time job and two part time just for fun “jobs.”

I didn’t have this blog back at the first of 2015, but I thought it would be fun to recap our year.

In January, we spent the entire month resting and getting ready for Miss AB. Due to my early labor experience with PB, everyone was afraid she would come just as early. We finished her nursery and took lots of naps!

February was a big month in our house. We celebrated MDub’s birthday on the 9th and then welcomed our crazy lady on the 11th. February marked the end of a short time as a family of three. Everyone was so excited for all the pink! #notreally !IMG_8895

Looking back at my pictures, we didn’t slow down one bit in March. We took a road trip to Rotan, so that AB could meet her PapPaw, and we discovered the most amazing tulip farm in north Texas. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas, and DeeDee left us for the first time. Thankfully, my mom is retired and stayed a long time with us after AB was born – I’d say it went really well after she left. #notreally                                               (see last picture in this group)



In April – we celebrated Easter in a big way…all matching in pink. Getting a picture of all the kids is downright impossible. Then, Mdub and I checked an item off our bucket list. We went to the Country Music Awards at Jerry World. Believe me, it looks a lot cooler on TV than in person, but we are still glad we went. Then, we chilled at home…a lot!



In May we took our first vacation as a family of four to Padre. We go each year with all our friends –  5 couples and 9 kids….it’s anything but a relaxing vacation, but memories that will last forever. We took more pictures of sweet AB and celebrated Memorial Day!



Our summer started in June after PB was out of “school.” We headed to the lake with friends, and PB went to Camp DD with all the cousins. I also shared a Ft. Worth living room, and all of your comments were so nice!


We spent July 4th in Rotan, went on our annual lake trip with the Weathersbee side of the family, and then partied for Hayes A Mac‘s first birthday. Then, on July 26th, Mdub and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary at a Pizza Hut in Brady, TX!


In August, we had a six month old! PB tagged along for AB’s checkup and then we took a road trip for Coop’s 8th birthday. Paige took AB’s six month photos and then we all took a group photo outside her studio with my giant big belly. On that mat in the grass, in the hot August heat is where Yard Party began.


September was busy! The kids and I made one last lake trip with some friends while Mdub went to the UT vs. Notre Dame game. We started back to “school” with an attitude, and then took a trip to Brady. It was PB’s first time to ride a horse, and even though he loved it, he looked like a complete city boy! Mdub and I got to go to the Tech vs. Arkansas game and then went to GARTH all in the same weekend. AHHH-mazing!

Our family LOVED October. Tons to do and tons to celebrate. We started off in matching Halloween jammies and pumpkin clothes! Even though it was 90 degrees, the kids still enjoyed the pumpkin patch and AB’s first trip to the state fair. We celebrated PB turning 2 – balloon style. We ended October as a tribe of four for Halloween!


November – I completed the One Room Challenge, and we went to Silverton to celebrate baby Knox.  Our Thanksgiving was full of football, football and more football – literally! IMG_5994


December – We had so much fun. We really tried to do December big! From our annual trip to the Gaylord, Christmas light looking, to school and church parties, we had a blast. Not to mention Christmas with both of our families. 


Whew – I’m tired, mainly because it’s a toss up on who will sleep thru the night at our house. But, our 2015 was amazing, and we are hoping 2016 will be even better. Happy 2016!


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