Wrapping up 2015

Between Christmas and New Year’s, we did a whole lot of NOTHING! Ate, slept, and then ate some more while we were in Rotan. AB got to hang out with Mr. Fielding – can you believe they are 10 months? These two had the exact same due date…destined to be besties!  Then, home to have a rowdy New Year’s Eve. #yeahright We really were going to sit at home and do nothing, but at the last minute we invited ourselves over to the Hills’ house. Their house is way more fun than ours!


On New Year’s Day, we hit up IHOP with our friend Thompson.  Yep, that’s right – IHOP!  You can make fun of Thompson’s mom for that. Then home to take down Christmas. I had big plans to completely organize our house Friday and Saturday, but of course, PB thought differently. Why does he always get sick on the weekends? So, instead of purging the whole house, I only conquered our bedroom. On Sunday, changing a light bulb turned into changing out the fixture. Such fun, exciting things around here, I know. IHOP, cleaning closests, and making Home Depot runs on Sunday afternoon….are you asking yourself why you are still reading?? 



I don’t think any of us are ready for today. Routines, real clothes, and emails to respond to – YUCK. But bring it 2016!!  This family of four is coming for ya! 

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