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Woohoo – It’s Friday, and we all made it through the first week back after the holidays. As hard as it was on Monday to get back into the swing of things, we all love a good routine around here. I’m linking up again this week for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites


Remember THE book I’ve been raving about? Well, I had big plans after Christmas to tackle my house. I really wanted to leave the kids in Rotan and organize everything from the attic to my makeup drawer. Mdub quickly vetoed this and wouldn’t let the kids stay. So, my dresser, our junk drawer and a random hat rack in the garage is all I’ve made it through so far. Four trash bags later, and I feel so much better. It really is addicting, and every day I’m looking for something to chunk. I don’t have a before of my dresser, but it was your typical, too full, overflowing mess. Look at it now – I even have room to buy more! Umm, that junk drawer, what in the world? Why did I have 7 rolls of tape in there? It’s still a junk drawer, but a better looking one!!


There is honestly nothing prettier in the spring than this view right here! It was my absolute favorite time on campus, and every spring since I was in college, I’ve wished for tulips in my yard. Well, well, well, this is the year! Thanks to a stop at the good ole’ Tractor Supply on the way home after Christmas, I will now have tulips in my yard this spring. Farmer PB and dirt-eating AB helped with the planting!



Tar-jay, Tar-jay, how I love thee. I mean – It just keeps getting better and better. Weird moment this week, but as I was strolling through the home section, a lady must have thought we needed to be fast friends. She kept coming over to me saying “I mean ….. have you seen this stuff ….. it’s just so cute.” She must have done this at least four or five times. I know lady – this place is incredible! AB’s b-day is coming up in a few short weeks, and we might be buying these paper goods. I mean – so adorable. As you can see from the pic below, I wasn’t exactly strolling the aisles sipping Starbucks. 



Playgroup this week was back in full force. Everyone ended up at our house, and look at the chaos in the playroom. Notice Thompson in the top right corner – poor guy. These kiddos and their mommas are definitely my favorite! 



This isn’t exactly a favorite moment, but it WAS a favorite dress. Big time mom fail on AB’s first Christmas dress. I washed this two different times before Christmas on delicate, and it was just fine. For some reason, on the third wash, the white bib turned pink. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but it’s definitely pink. If anyone has any remedies on getting the pink out, please, send them my way. I really wanted this to be something we saved forever. I was also planning on getting a few more wears out of it, maybe for Valentine’s Day, since it still fits. 


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of you….and if you have a few free hours, go clean out a drawer or two!!

5 thoughts on “Five on Friday – Friday Favorites”

  1. target gets me everytime girl 😉 your blog is adorable i cant wait to follow more about you and your journey this year! hope you stop by mine as well!

  2. The book is awesome!! It is inspiring me to do a little decluttering, too!! Thanks for recommending it!!
    Love be the Tar-jay paper goods! AB’s birthday party will be so cute!!! AND, also got my tulips planted!!!

  3. I’m stopping in from Friday Favorites, and I look forward to following your blog. Way to go on cleaning out. I need to do the same! And I have no idea why the red bled onto the white in the wash. It really seems random on how to predict when that will happen. I’ve had the same happen to us with some things but not others. I think there is some kind of “color catcher” you can put in the wash to fix it. Have a good weekend!

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