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AB is 11 months old!

Can someone, please, hold me? Somehow I have an 11 month old, and in 25 days, I’ll have a one year old and a two year old. How is that possible? I blinked, and this year just happened. Month 10 was a big month for us. She took her first steps on Christmas Day and hasn’t looked back since. She is on the go and thinks she can keep right up with PB. We made one trip to the doctor for wheezing, so it now looks like breathing treatments are in our foreseeable future. 

  • Hair – Her hair has continued to grow and it seems to get curlier and curlier. We can definitely wear bows without a band now. 
  • Food – She eats anything and everything…..including all leaves and non-food items. She loves her brother’s sippy cups she finds lying around. I’m hoping the formula to milk transition goes smoothly because of this. 
  • Sleep – The sleep situation is going MUCH better. Knock on wood, but she’s sleeping all through the night, usually a good 12 hours. Naps are still best when in the car. I know, I know – this is not good, but it’s working for us!
  • She’s a starer! This little girl is very into figuring people out. She will win any staring contest with the best poker face. PB does make her laugh though, and both of them think it’s hilarious. 
  • Teeth – She now has 8 teeth with a big ole gap right in the middle. Praying this goes away, as that will NOT be cute the older she gets. 
  • She’s learning to wave and is becoming a great cuddler. Her cry is big time dramatic, and she already knows how to milk the situation. Lord, help us!   
  • Happy 11 Months Sweet Girl!!!IMG_7407 (1)IMG_7539 (1)IMG_7594 (1)

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  1. Seems like I remember your grandmother (Wynette) having to rock with you or drive you around for you to take naps at this age as well. That cute little apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

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