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Girls Weekend

This past weekend, my four favorite girls and I headed out on a true girls weekend. Y’all – I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing our little two day trip was. Nothing all that fancy or extravagant, but an entire 48 hours away from our kids, hubbies and everyday life. A two day trip filled with comfy clothes, lots of food and no makeup! (except for dinner)

Every summer for the last several years, we’ve gone and stayed at Paige’s Parents’ house in Horseshoe Bay. Thank you, thank you, Laura, for always opening up your home to us! It started as a girls trip until our husbands realized what they were missing and demanded to tag along. Fine, fine, but we still didn’t have a girls trip, so we created one last weekend. It was the perfect, absolute – do nothing trip. After dropping off and figuring out schedules for all 10 kids, we drove down on Friday after work……just in time for dinner at a fancy shmancy Mexican food restaurant in Lampasas. I’m only saying that because it was one step above  Casa in Rotan. Of course, the minute we walked in, we got some stares because no one knew us.  JV and I got a good kick out of it while the big city Martin girls were so confused. 

Note: This entire post is in black and white because ain’t nobody wanna be seen without makeup on!!

On Saturday morning, after sleeping in a bed all to myself, in a pitch black room for an entire 9 hours, we headed to breakfast. The famous Blue Bonnet Cafe! This place is the perfect local greasy spoon. We had big plans of stopping back by for pie, but that never happened. 12510221_10207091097828816_1817507463486848440_n (1)

Off to the spa and the main reason we were there! We checked in at 11:00 and didn’t leave until 5:00. Pure heaven that we wished would have lasted longer. We had big plans to set up a make shift baby shower for Paige during lunch. After checking in, we handed a bag off to one of the workers, and she did an amazing job of setting everything up that we had in the bag. EVERYTHING – including Allison’s Christmas m&m’s she was munching on earlier in the trip. We got a good laugh out of this, and how the workers probably thought that was a weird addition to the decorations. 

We ate lunch and celebrated baby Griffin on the patio next to the hot tub. Sounds so relaxing, right? Well, it would have been except for the old man reading a book five feet from us. #whydidntheleave?


IMG_7635 (1)

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed to dinner to end the day. Then home to put on pajamas and sit on the couch – we’re a wild bunch! We slept in on Sunday morning then packed up and headed home. IMG_7681 (1)

These girls are my favorite in the entire world. We are all spread throughout the entire DFW area and don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. Although we text every single day, multiple, multiple times, it’s just not the same as being together. We’ve all now agreed we will continue to do a January spa trip every year. By the time our kids are teenagers and driving, we will need it even more than we do now. Love you girls!

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  1. I love love love that you girls get to enjoy each other and our place! It truly fills me with joy! One of my absolute favorite things in life is to go there with my friends and do nothing! The shower was so sweet and Griffin will look adorable in all his snazzy outfits! You are all so special and your friendship will be one of your greatest treasures always!

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