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It’s Friday – so you know what that means. I’m linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. Hallelujah – our fam is SO ready for this week to be over. It started out great, with not much on the calendar and then bam – sickness hit and we got to stay a few unexpected days in hotel Medical City! 


So definitely not a favorite, but something that needs to be documented. On Tuesday when PB woke up, we knew he was getting sick, but gave him his vitamins and off to school he went. His “school” called me around 11:00 and wanted me to pick him up early. I was in the middle of work stuff so I had Mdub get him and take him home to start breathing treatments. Later that afternoon he wasn’t getting any better so I made an appointment with our pediatrician. We walked in, and a nurse met us in the lobby to get his oxygen level. She immediately took us right back, and the doctor was waiting on us. They started him on another breathing treatment – all while AB was running a muck. I mean, anyone else ever taken a sick kid plus an 11 month old to the doctors office??  –  complete train wreck. If you have kids with asthma, you know they determine everything by their oxygen level. Well, when we walked in the door, PB’s was a 92, and then after the treatment it dipped down to 88. I was then told we would be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Um, excuse me – does this mean this is serious? After getting to the ER and checked in, we spent the next 12 hours – yes, 12 hours doing a breathing treatment. The nebulizer we use at home is max 15 minutes, so when they said our 2 year old had to wear a mask for the next 12 hours, I literally laughed. He was supposed to sleep with this mask, on a stretcher with his mom because there were no more rooms AND get a good nights rest – um right!  Long story short, we spent two nights in the hospital and came home Thursday afternoon. He is all good and glad to be home. Let me just say, our two day hospital stay is obviously nothing compared to the kids who have serious illnesses and have to be there months at a time. You mommas deserve a medal, a pay raise, a big applause. I can NOT image how you do it.


On to something way more fun! For Christmas my mom bought my sister-in-laws and me a Cricut. Just when I had hung my DIY hat up, she gifted us the mecca of craftiness. It’s been so fun to play with and make all the cool trendy items of the moment. Look at this sweatshirt I made for AB, and then the pacifiers I made for little Griffin. Definitely still learning all the ins and outs so if you have any Cricut tips, let me know. 



This little big candle is my absolute favorite. It’s my favorite scent because it’s not too strong but definitely fills our house. When you change approximately 433 diapers a day, it’s no secret your house could use a good candle. This one does the trick for us and makes me think I’m actually in Anthro! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.13.21 PM


My kids favorite winter items are currently on sale. Technically, AB’s not old enough to have a favorite, but she looks pretty cute in her vest while PB does like wearing his pullover. Of course I don’t have a single pic of PB, but I promise – the days that it’s been cold, he’s had it on.  

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.20.02 PM


Last but not least, let me just say DeeDee is my number one favorite. This lady drops everything she’s doing any time any of us need her. On Tuesday night, she drove four hours not knowing if we would need her for a couple of hours or a couple of days.   She took care of AB while we were in the hospital. Every single time she’s here, she leaves my house cleaner than when she got here. Like any good mom, she just knows. We came home to all our laundry done and a spotless house. She even left us completely stocked with wipes and formal! She does this every single time without being asked. I can’t wait to be retired one day so that I can do the same for PB & AB. Thanks DeeDee- we love you!



Happy Weekend everyone – were taking it easy and praying for healthy kids come Monday!

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  1. I’m glad he’s doing better. My son was just under 2 when he had to start breathing treatments every time he got a cold. Thankfully it was just a nebulizer at home, I can’t imagine that long of a treatment. I love how you personalized the sweatshirt. Super cute. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. aww im glad hes ok! my little one will be two tomorrow and shes done a breathing treatment before. she hated it but it really helped her. so glad i found your blog through the link up and hope youll stop by mine!

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