Weekend Wrap-up

We had the best weekend. Low key with not much going on, just what we needed after a crazy week. The weather here was more like April and NOT January. I’m really, really hoping for another cold spurt with a little snow, but our chances aren’t looking so good. We enjoyed being outside all weekend long. 

On Friday night, we had a much needed parents night out at the rodeo to celebrate mine and Paige’s birthdays. Tons of fun with some of our favorite people. After the rodeo, we hit up the midway, and since it was pretty chilly, we had the entire place to ourselves. The guys rode a ridiculous ride and tried to act like it didn’t make them sick. Then we all tried to win a few fabulous stuffed pigs for our kids.




On Saturday, MDub had the kids so that I could run 43 thousand errands kid free. Post office, returned a couple of Christmas gifts, and started shopping for our almost 1 year old’s birthday…insert me sobbing here! We then headed to a friend’s house to enjoy the amazing weather.  The kids played and played before we had to leave to attend our niece and nephew’s band concert. 

PB & AB are in different classes at church. When they saw each other, after being separated for a whole three hours, PB was beyond excited. He wanted to hold her hand the ENTIRE way to the car. All the way through long halls, elevators, parking garages, and lots and lots of people. They were both so cute and I hope he will always want to hold her hand!

Home for naps and then more outdoor fun with our friends. Jay cooked the most amazing pork tenderloin, and the kids had a blast running and playing ALL afternoon. Of course, I got zero pics of the kids playing, but I did take a pic of MDub being creepy while trying to stalk the house next door. We have big dreams of being neighbors with the Hills, and of course, I’m planning out how I would transform the backyard. Mind you, we’ve never seen inside this house! #wearecrazyWeknow.

Does it have to be Monday?? A meeting or event every single night this week followed by Mdub leaving us for 5 days – woohoo, let’s do this!! 

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