Friday Favorites & Five on Friday

I’m linking up again this week for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites! Woohoo – it’s the weekend!!  Although, all that really means is another two days without dad at home. He’s out of town skiing with a bunch of dudes for “work.” The kids and I have tons of stuff planned. You know, like painting the ceiling in the kitchen and living room, installing two Roman shades, and planting new bushes in the front yard. Raise your hand if you think I’ll even get one of those accomplished!!

It was a late night last night, so if I make it to five – you should be proud. 

Mdub and I have taken Advocare products for about the last six years. For some reason, when I had AB, I fell off the Advocare train and never really got back on. I made an order this week for some friends, so I picked up some Spark for us, too. Holy cow – how did I ever survive a whole year without you? I’ve gotten more accomplished in the last two days than in the last two weeks combined. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I think I’ve become immune to cokes – I know, I know, they’re bad, but I love them.  One water bottle of this stuff, and I’m good to go all afternoon. Email me if you’re a working mom who sometimes needs a nap by 11am – this will save you! 


Last night we got to hang out with a ton of Red Raiders. Tuesday was National Signing Day – yea, I don’t know what it means either, so last night was the big recruiting dinner here in Dallas. Now that Kliff is the coach, we see all of our friends at these events and not just the regular old men. After the dinner we headed to our friends’ house for the “afterparty with the coaches.” Not really an afterparty, but just more time hanging out with all our Tech friends. And yes, Mdub won’t admit it, but he does enjoy Tech events just as much as I do. Of course, I didn’t take a single pic – so let’s just all stare at Klff for a little while. 458343762

These two – I mean, they make me scream multiple times a day, spank more than I should, and make me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis. But, every now and then, they have some sweet, sweet moments. PB wants to hug AB all day, every day, and she is just not into it. He loves BIG time! He is so lovey and wants to be touching at ALL times…..yes, I’m already dreading the teen years. I caught them hugging, or PB hugging, this week. As you can see in the second picture, he wanted her to be hugging him back, so he was trying to place her hand accordingly!

I saw this quote this week, and I about died…..hilarious and so spot on! Those of you named Paige, Jenny, Jeni, or Alison – you will never get it. 


Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly, and I have the cutest cards for PB’s class. I follow this etsy shop on Instagram and have always loved her stuff. She started posting her Valentine cards a couple of weeks ago, and I jumped on it. For only $5 she designs them with your child’s name then you print. Easy peasy, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I remembered I need to attach something to these. I chose the train cards because PB is obsessed with all things train. Well, have you ever searched for something inexpensive and small to give out to two year olds that relates to trains?  Yea, me either. After searching and searching on Amazon, the toy section and the dollar bin at Target, I finally found the cutest train whistles. After Amazon Prime finally delivers them……4 days after they were supposed to be here……I’ll update you on how they turn out. price

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Have a great weekend and an awesome Super Bowl! 


4 Comments on “Friday Favorites & Five on Friday

  1. When you did our nursery and called the nurse to find out boy or girl she called me and said “there is a Jaime wanting to know what you’re having” and it took me a minute to figure it out! Lol. Still reading the blog and loving it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jamie, Mamie, Dame, and even Dwayne…..I just don’t get it! “Day ” + “me” = Dayme. It should be that simple!!! 😊


  3. Wow, sounds like you have a busy weekend around the house! Your kiddos are darling 😃 My last name gets butchered all the time. It’s pretty funny when solicitors call and try to sound it out!


  4. I found your blog through the Friday Favorites link up and I’m so glad I did! I love your design esthetic, and I totally needed you for our nursery because we wanted to be surprised with the gender! Maybe for baby number two?!

    P.S.- I’m with you on Kliff! 🙂

    Love for you to stop by my blog sometime!



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