Weekend Wrap Up!

We had such a great weekend! Not a lot on the agenda, but we filled it with tons of friends and family to pass the time without Dad.

On Saturday, we headed to Ft. Worth so Paige could take AB’s 1 year photos. We’ve only seen the sneak peek, but OMG – it’s so cute. I can’t wait to see the rest, so hold that baby in PWP until you get our photos edited!!


On Sunday, we hung out with friends to “watch” the Super Bowl. That’s actually a funny statement, because I don’t think I saw more than 2 minutes of the game until I got home and put kids to bed. PB and AB had a blast with all the other kids; however, they wouldn’t let me out of their sight!!!  One day I will be sad these days are gone, but that day ain’t today! We cheered for the Broncos – not sure why, except we like orange??


It’s a big week in our house – someone turns 37 and someone turns 1. From birthdays to Valentine parties, we might be on a sugar high all week. Let’s do this Monday!  


One Comment on “Weekend Wrap Up!

  1. Paige did a GREAT job on the photo as always!! Of course, she had a pretty cute model! Also, that little naked smash cake is adorable!! Love it! Have a great week!!!


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